Fire Safety

7 Benefits Of The Stove Guard – An Automatic Stove Shut Off Device

Did you know that over 60% of home fires start in the kitchen? Given the presence of flammable oils, heat sources and variety of electrical appliances – this is understandable. Yet it doesn’t mean landlords and residents can’t take several steps to enhance their level of safety in the home, especially when there are vulnerable people living there.

Fire prevention methods in the kitchen can be both behavioural and technological. For instance, installing fire alarms including smoke and heat alarms, not leaving cooking unattended, and practising an escape plan are some of the procedures outlined in our Fire Safety In The Kitchen eBook. However, for tenants who are high risk or vulnerable – such as children, the elderlydisabled or those living with dementia – a higher level of fire protection may be required.

FireAngel’s Electric Electric Stove Guard

In addition to installing smoke alarms, FireAngel recommends installing an Electric Electric Stove Guard when tenants are more at risk when cooking, for instance, when a tenant has an illness that makes them more liable to forget. An Electric Electric Stove Guard is a fire safety device with advanced technology that prevents a fire starting by cutting off the electric supply and turning off the hob before the point of ignition.

Here are the 7 benefits of installing this automatic shut off device in your home:

1 | Preventative technology

As seen in the following video, it doesn’t take long for a pan of oil to catch fire, and the 2 minute window that the Electric Stove Guard provides could be the difference between life and death.

As well as sounding an audible alarm, the Electric Stove Guard heat sensor sends a wireless signal to a control unit (fitted behind the cooker) which cuts the cooker’s electricity supply off. Therefore, by identifying dangerously high temperatures, the Electric Stove Guard is able to react to a high risk situation BEFORE a fire can start, rather than giving warning to its presence.

2 | Works with other fire safety products

Another key benefit of the Electric Stove Guard is its ability to identify when other smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are activated in the home via intelligent sound detection technology. This will trigger the control unit to switch off the cooker’s electricity supply, as will an attempted removal of the Electric Stove Guard alarm.

3 | Adapted to the user

The Electric Stove Guard is also beneficial to residents as it can be adjusted to suit the needs of different user groups, owing to its specific features for different cooker types. The different stoves it is suitable for include:

A main fire safety features the Electric Stove Guard can provide is by detecting when a cooker has been abandoned by real-time cooker operation analysis. Furthermore, the device can be configured to detect a buildup of dirt and grease on the sensor. This is beneficial as it prevents the device being compromised by contamination.

4 | Learns cooking habits

The Electric Stove Guard is unique in that it self-adjusts to your particular cooking style. Once fitted, there is an initial period during which time your device essentially ‘learns how you cook.’ After this period, the device adjusts its sensitivity based on user’s’ cooking habits. This is particularly beneficial in preventing false alarms; the device adapts to reduce its sensitivity during normal cooking conditions.

5 | Protects vulnerable tenants & supports independent living

Automatic stove shut-off devices can increase kitchen safety for vulnerable tenants when cooking is more high risk. For example, tenants living with early or mild forms of dementia may still possess the skill and judgement required to use the stove, but may be more liable to forget. Installing a Electric Stove Guard would, therefore, provide an extra level of security in the home and support their independent living.

6 | Long Battery Life

The Electric Stove Guard – part of FireAngel’s range of Assisted Living Solutions – can help prevent fires in the home for a long time, owing to its extensive battery life. Within the unit, consisting of a control unit, intelligent sensor and junction box, only the heat sensor is not mains powered. Instead, this piece is powered by 2 lithium batteries that are partially recharged in part by the solar panels. The working life of these batteries is approximately 10 years, and the low battery alarm sounds for at least 1-2 months, allowing ample amount of time for replacement.

7 | Complies with European Standard EN 50615: 2015

This European standard introduces the minimum requirements for all cooker safety products, with a primary aim to decrease the number of house fires in the EU. The Electric Stove Guard meets the requirements specified in Category B of the standard: preventative power cut-off.

Is the Electric Stove Guard suitable for you?

FireAngel’s Electric Stove Guard is suitable for all electric cookers, with an automatic fault diagnosis system that ensures that the device is always working – giving peace of mind to residents, family and/or housing providers.

It is important to note that, whilst the Electric Stove Guard can significantly increases fire safety via its automatic stove shut off mechanism, residents should also be aware that the Electric Stove Guard does not cover all possible fire hazardous situations. It is therefore still recommended to never leave cooking unattended, and evacuate the premises in the event of a fire.

For more information on the Electric Stove Guard, please refer to the Electric Stove Guard reference manual .