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Are you a vulnerable tenant?

Vulnerable tenants are at greater risk of dying in a fire, so it is paramount that your landlord considers this when conducting a fire risk assessment of your property, providing fire detection systems and escape routes suitable for the individual.

Vulnerable tenants may include childrenelderly tenantsdisabled tenants, or those living with an illness such as dementia . Furthermore, as highlighted in Staffordshire’s Fire And Rescue Service SAME Campaign, smokers and those under the influence of alcohol are also at particular risk. For more information on the products available for vulnerable tenants, such as gas detectors, interlinking alarms, low-frequency sounders and vibrating pads, please see our Fire Safety Measures For Adults At Risk blog.

Landlords are susceptible to prosecution if they do not ensure you are fire safe in your rented accommodation. However, it is important you don’t just presume you and other family members/tenants are safe, you need to know you are safe!

Primarily, this includes knowing what you and your landlord are responsible for, from gas safety checks to testing fire alarms; you can do this by downloading our free fire safety checklist here.

We also have a free eBook covering what to do in the event of fire for different properties, including a child-friendly section to colour in, and fire evacuation for tenants with a disability. You can get your copy here.