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Is Enough Being Done To Improve The Safety Of Tenants?

Posted | 12-Aug-2016 08:38:27


Undoubtedly, progress has been made in recent years towards making tenants safer.

Key Milestone 

October 2015, was a key milestone in reforming the industry with the introduction of laws that made it mandatory in England for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to be installed in private rented properties.

Have improvements Been Made?  

However, the sad reality is that even since the introduction of this new legislation, statistics have shown that over 60% of fires start in the kitchen. Evidently, this is a room that is under protected, a room that has been dubbed the ‘most dangerous in the UK home’.


Our Mission 

In our mission to improve the safety of tenants, we have looked into this further to address the question at hand;

‘How under protected is social housing and is enough being done to improve the safety of tenants in the most dangerous room in the home?’


How To Find Out More 

To find out more Download our Kitchen Fire and CO Safety eBook and take a look at our findings. 


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