Research and Development

Advanced Battery Testing Technology

  • Clip on and go…
  • Tests for battery impedance, capacitance and frequencies
  • Provides data on battery characteristics
  • This battery validation and long term monitoring provides us with the knowledge that our batteries
  • will last the life of the product

Long Life
Test Oven

  • Accelerated component testing whilst hot enough to heat up your pasties
  • 3 test ovens set to 40°C, 50°C and 60°C
  • As temperature is increased by 10°C it doubles the life acceleration of the alarm components such as the batteries and processors we put inside
  • Ensures we are confident the product will last as long as stated
  • We test all critical components and PCBs

Smoke Tunnel

  • Our version of the Formula 1 aerodynamics tunnel
  • Uses an aerosol which is a synthetic smoke and means we have control over the concentration of smoke in the tunnel
  • Controlled introduction of smoke is used for validation testing
  • Have 5 of these smoke tunnels in our
    factories in China
  • Before our smoke alarms go into their boxes they have been tested twice in real smoke, we are the only smoke alarm manufacturer doing this

Sound Tunnel

  • No-one would hear you scream once inside - our anechoic chamber is completely echoless
  • Provides a consistent test space and replicates the chamber at BSI test house
  • We have two further anechoic chambers over in our two factories in China
  • Ensures our alarms are loud enough to meet the standards

Rapid Prototype Machine

  • Prints overnight whilst our designers get their beauty sleep
  • Quick is not always a good attribute however 7 hours in-house vs 7 days outsourced is a positive
    thing in our books!
  • Speedy printing allows for more prototype builds during the development process

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Table / Surge Tester

  • Provides a good shock if you’re struggling with an after lunch slump
  • ESD is the release of static electricity when two objects come into contact, like the shock you can
    get when you walk across a carpet and touch a metal doorknob
  • Enables product testing under ESD conditions
  • Tests product responses to extreme mains power conditions such as lightening strikes

EMC (Electromagnetic Capability) Chamber

  • Has your radio ever been obliterated by your mobile phone? This is an example of EMC
  • Make sure our alarms won’t interfere with the other electronic devices in your home and also won’t
    be affected by electromagnetic disturbance from other equipment
  • Capability for live smoke test, using aerosol, to ensure products react to smoke during RF interference