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A Concise & Comprehensive Guide When Implementing Fire Safety In Rental Accommodation

 Fire Safety Checklist For Landlords 

This Fire Safety Checklist for landlords outlines some of the key areas to consider when providing fire and carbon monoxide safety in rental accommodation.

It can be used as a useful resource summarising fire safety before a tenancy begins, and can be used contingently with your fire risk assessment, inventory and home condition report. 

Our free eBook includes 2 checklists

Part 1Landlord Checklist For Fire Safety In Rental Accommodation 
  • Highlighting relevent fire safety legislation and regulation, fitting and testing smoke alarms, furniture, electrical equipment and gas advice 
  • Best practise when considering/communicating with tenants

Part 2 - Does the tenant know about fire safety? 

  • Filled in by both landlord and tenant, this checklist outlines key fire prevention measures to be aware of in the home, and what actions are best practice to ensure tenants remain fire safe, or know what to do in the event of a fire.


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