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Electrical Contractors Guide

Electrical contractors guide Download Your Electrical Contractors eBook


What standards to fit to 
Features & types of smoke alarms 
Siting of alarms
Where and how to install 
Interlinking alarms 
Assisted living products
Maintenance and troubleshooting 

Fire Evacuation Policy And Procedures

Fire Escape Plan eBook Download Fire Evacuation eBook


Your 9 step evacuation plan 
Child-friendly evacuation plan
Evacuation in purpose-built maisonette or block of flats 
What to do when cut-off by fire 
Tenants with a disability 

Simplifying legislation
in Social Housing

Simplifying legislation Download the Fire Safety in Social Housing eBook now. 


Simplify legislation relating to social housing and fire safety
Help with fire alarm specification and best practice for housing stock. 

Kitchen Fire
and CO Safety

Kitchen Fire and CO Safety  Download Kitchen Fire & CO Safety eBook


A Look into How to Improve Kitchen Safety in Social Housng 

Fire Safety Checklist For Landlords

Fire Safety Checklist For Landlords Download the Fire Safety Checklist for Landlords


1. Landlord Checklist for fire safety in rental accommodation (landlord) 
2. Does the tenant know about fire safety? (landlord and tenant)

Step Up Campaign - Landlord Resources

Overview of 2015 (England) Landlord Legislation

Download Landlord Legislation Resources

Overview of the 2015 (England) Landlord Legislation


Poster: Directed at Landlords
Poster: Directed at Contractors
Booklet: Designed to simplify and explain the 2015 Landlord Legislation.


Standards And Regulations

Private Landlord Legislation | Fire – British Standard BS 5839-6:2013 | Fire – Building Regulations | Carbon Monoxide – British Standard BS EN 50292:2013 | Carbon Monoxide – Building Regulations


View Standards & Regulations

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