Electric Stove Guard (Electric Cooker Shut Off)

10 Year Sealed Battery

Our SGEL-SN-1 Stove Guard effectively prevents cooker fires by intelligently switching electric cookers off before a fire can start. It identifies dangerously high temperatures and steep temperature rise to prevent high-risk situations.

Self Learning

Intelligent temperature alarm

5 Year Warranty

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Our datasheet and manual contain guidance on the product and the latest standards - if you have any additional questions, our team of experts can offer all the support you need, so get in touch!


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Specification Detail and Standards.

Intelligent temperature alarm Self-learning

Switches electric cookers off before a fire can start. If the sensor identifies a dangerously high temperature and steep temperature rise it signals the alarm and the stove guard isolates the electric supply to the electric cooker.

Wireless Interlink Products Smart RF Technology

When one alarm sounds, they all sound. Our Specification range features intelligent Smart RF technology - easily create a wireless or hybrid network of Smart RF mains and battery devices to protect the entire property.

Smart RF Technology
Adaptability & flexibility Futureproof Installations

Remain compliant to meet latest standards whilst delivering the ultimate level of protection that can be instantly enhanced as legislative requirements evolve, and cost-effectively adapted as the safety and welfare needs of tenants change.

Futureproof Installations

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You can easily upgrade our Specification range to remotely monitor devices Find out more

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Fit a wireless system


Make sure that the red battery disconnection piece is removed

Yes, our electric stove guard complies with EU standard EN50615: 2015 requirements

No, this product is designed for electric cookers only. This self-learning device intelligently switches off the electric cooker to prevent a fire from occuring.