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LED Carbon Monoxide Detector


7Yr Warranty.png7 Year Warranty
BS/LPCB Certified
  • CO sensitivity level: 50ppm
  • LED status indicators for power and alarm mode

Positioning: Boiler Room | Bedroom | Kitchen | Living Room

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coalarm.pngThe FireAngel CO-9B carbon monoxide detector is suitable for wall mounting or left free standing as a portable device. The FireAngel CO-9B has a 7 year lifespan and manufacturer's warranty period, and is supplied as standard with 2 x AA batteries to power the alarm.

Key Features

Thermoptek.pngEasy to install. Portable so can be taken on holiday or installed within the home

Thermometer.pngAdvanced electrochemical sensor designed to accurately measure low levels of CO

5Yr Warranty.png7 year warranty

Kitemark.pngCertified to BS EN50291-1:2010+A1:2012
& BS EN50291-2:2010

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CO Alarm Positioning

Ideally a Carbon Monoxide Alarm should be installed in every room with a fuel burning appliance. Additional alarms may be installed to provide adequate warning for occupants in other rooms, by placing alarms in rooms in which they spend considerable time whilst awake.


Boiler Room | Bedroom | Kitchen | Living Room


CO Alarm Installation

To mount on a wall or ceiling:

Please ensure that you use the screws provided, as they were chosen specifically for use with this product. Use template below for guidance on marking hole positions. Drill holes into the wall. Insert the plastic wall plugs. Screw in the screws. Ensure screws are protruding from the wall by 3mm to allow
detector to slot onto screws.

To place on a shelf:

The base of the detector has been designed to allow it to stand freely on a shelf.

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