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Mains Powered Heat Alarm


5Yr Warranty.png5 Year Warranty
Battery.png10 Year Battery
BS/LPCB Certfied
  • Class A1 heat sensor 54°C to 65°C
  • Diagnostic functionality monitors alarm activations and fault finding

Positioning: Boiler Room | Kitchen| Laundry Room | Loft | Garage

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SmokeHeat.pngThe FireAngel Pro HT-230 is a class A1 mains powered heat alarm. This alarm is best suited for kitchens, garages and loft spaces. Featuring a sealed, lithium back-up battery, the HT-230 will continue to power the alarm in the event of mains failure.

Key Features

Battery.png10 year sealed for life battery

Heat.pngClass A1 heat sensor 54°C to 65°C

Locate.pngLocate feature - silence all but initiating alarm in network

5Yr Warranty.png5 year warranty

Kitemark.pngCertified to BS EN14604:2005 and LPCB approved

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Heat Alarm Positioning

Heat alarms are best suited to areas where dust, fumes and moisture can cause nuisance alarms in smoke alarms.


Boiler Room | Kitchen| Laundry Room | Loft | Garage

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