Designed with you in mind

Our SONA by FireAngel mains powered range
of alarms are quick and easy to install.

Easy Installation

Our SONA by FireAngel’s range of mains alarms include a low profile, easy install base with
multi fix screw points that reduce
installation time at site.


For rapid detection of both fast flaming and slow smouldering fires in a single alarm eliminating the need to choose between optical and
ionisation alarms.

Used by the Fire & Rescue Service

Our SONA by FireAngel mains powered range of alarms features Thermoptek sensing
technology used by over 90% of the
UK Fire and Rescue Services.

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Installation guides for:

Smoke Alarms Heat Alarms

Recommended positioning of FireAngel alarms

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Wi-Safe Wireless Interlink

This intelligent technology enables wireless communication with any other Wi-Safe 2 product. When one alarm sounds they all sound and up to 50 devices can be interlinked together. 

More About Wi-Safe

A new era in domestic
Smoke Alarms

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Standards & Regulations

Private Landlord Legislation | Fire – British Standard BS 5839-6:2013 | Fire – Building Regulations | Carbon Monoxide – British Standard BS EN 50292:2013 | Carbon Monoxide – Building Regulations


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