Fire Safety

Alarm Control Unit – An Ideal Solution To Remotely Testing Smoke Alarms

What are the benefits of an alarm control unit? 

The FireAngel Alarm Control Unit (FS1524W2-T) allows you to remotely test a variety of smoke, carbon monoxide and heat alarms interlinked in the home.

For the alarm control unit to integrate with a fire safety network, only one Smart RF alarm is required. The control unit is therefore easily compatible with an established hardwired network!

By using an alarm control unit, testing multiple interlinked alarms becomes simple and fast. It also gives you a great deal of control and flexibility over your interlinked system from one centralised device.

Who is this useful for? 

Every FireAngel alarm can be easily silenced or tested via pressing the large central button on the alarm, but we recognise this isn’t easy for everyone.

Without an alarm control unit, residents will need to physically test each of their alarms across several different rooms. This is a simple task for those who are able (typically via a broom/ladder) however this can be difficult for the elderly, disabled or those living in properties with high ceilings.

Therefore, by integrating just one Smart RF alarm into a home network, you can test every alarm remotely with the press of a button (and without a broom or ladder!).

Monitoring your interlinked alarm network

FireAngel’s alarm control unit tests and monitors alarms that are interlinked via wireless radio frequency – an installation process that is much quicker and less destructive than installing via hard-wiring.

When alarms are interlinked it means that, should one alarm detect a problem, all the alarms in the network will sound. Not only will this provide a quicker warning (and hence more time to escape) but the alarms will sound to mimic the originating alarms sound pattern. Hence, carbon monoxide and fire events will sound very different to tenants, enabling them to respond accordingly.

Like a TV remote, an alarm control unit gives residents easily accessible control over their fire alarm system (this may be wireless, hardwired, or a mixed system). It is not essential, of course, but it does make things incredibly simple and straightforward!

Key features:

  1. Clear icons on front – these make it easy to see visually if the incident is fire or CO related – the easiest way to Test, Silence and Locate Smart RF enabled alarms.
  2. Test button – remotely test all interlinked alarms in the home from one centralised location.
  3. Silence button – silence all interlinked smoke and heat alarms for 10 minutes in the event of a known false alarm (NOTE: An alarm cannot be silenced if CO has been detected)
  4. Locate button – should all the alarms sound, you can silence all the interlinked alarms except the initiating alarm. This enables residents to quickly identify where the fire/issue is, and so react to the problem quicker.
  5. Easy Installation – can be wall mounted or used as a portable device and works with up to 49 other Smart RF enabled devices connected via a single network.

Additional Smart RF connected alarm features:

● 10 year tamper-proof sealed for life battery in every Smart RF device

● Simple installation process – add each product to the Smart RF network wirelessly through a simple 2 button process

● Memory function – if one of the alarm indicators is flashing every 10 seconds, then one of the alarms in the network has been activated

● Smoke, heat and CO alarm identification

Extra protection

Smoke and heat alarms within FireAngel’s Specification range use Multi-Sensor technology, the trusted technology fitted by UK Fire & Rescue Services since 2007. By fitting Multi-Sensor alarms in your interlinked network, you can ensure that your smoke alarms are monitoring for two indications of fire (smoke and heat), which will quickly detect a serious problem. Multi-Sensor alarm technology is recommended and fitted by UK Fire and Rescue Services.

Furthermore, additional smoke, heat, CO and assisted living accessories have been designed specifically for the deaf and hard of hearing to enhance protection for individuals, these can be easily added (or removed) from your fire safety system. Please see our blog fire safety products for adults at risk for more information.

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