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What are the building regulations for new builds in the UK?

For developers, installers, and specifiers involved in new build properties across the UK, FireAngel offers comprehensive solutions for smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, and environmental monitoring.

Navigating the intricacies of fire safety regulations when constructing a new home can be daunting.

However, ensuring compliance is paramount for both safety and peace of mind. Meeting these rigorous standards requires a multifaceted approach to protection, such as installing fire-resistant doors, escape windows and interlinked smoke alarms.

Fire safety in new homes isn’t about a single solution but rather a comprehensive set of precautions, with specific requirements of building regulations for detached houses, attached homes and flats. These are detailed in Part B of the building regulations for England and Wales.

In England and Wales, the building regulations for new builds on fire safety are divided into two volumes, focusing primarily on homes excluding flats. Meanwhile, in Scotland, fire safety requirements are set out in the revised Scottish Tolerable Act.

All new homes must adhere to building regulations. Therefore, building control inspectors will visit at key stages of construction to ensure compliance. These stages include:

  • Excavation for building foundations
  • Pouring concrete for foundations
  • Building the oversite
  • Constructing the damp-proof course
  • Drainage
  • A pre-completion visit
  • A final completion inspection, followed by the issuance of a completion certificate

When it comes to smoke alarm placement, British Standard 5839-6:2019 provides guidance on grading and categories for fire detection systems in domestic properties.

The Standard mandates:

  • Installation of a smoke alarm in the principal habitable room(s)
  • Interlinking of all installed smoke alarms
  • Conformance to BS EN 14604 standards, with optical or multi-sensor devices recommended

For more detailed guidance on complying with building regulations for new builds, download FireAngel’s New Build Brochure. Tailored for professionals planning new housing developments, the brochure covers:

  • FireAngel’s range of smoke, heat, and CO alarms, and environmental sensing solutions
  • BS 5839-6 guidance on grading and categories
  • Grade D1 and D2 compliant alarms
  • Introduction to smart home safety
  • Environmental solutions for new build properties
  • A comprehensive product list

Building regulations for new builds

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Compliance in construction Compliance in construction

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