CO Advice

FireAngel’s new range sets the standard for carbon monoxide safety and compliance

FireAngel, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) devices, is supporting electrical contractors in achieving the highest levels of CO protection with its new range of battery powered CO alarms, which comply with the latest EN 50291-1:2018 standard.

Featuring 10 year sealed for life lithium batteries and supplied with five year warranty, the FireAngel FA3328 and FA3820 battery powered CO alarms contain electrochemical sensing technology that provides an accurate and proven method of sensing carbon monoxide, in line with latest requirements.

The alarms’ low level monitoring function contains an intelligent sensor that increases its sensing rate for detection of low levels of CO, in line with the new informative annex in EN 50291-1:2018.

This reduces health risks of CO poisoning from constant low CO concentrations, whilst simultaneously preventing the build-up of dangerous levels of CO, by detecting levels as low as 10ppm. The cost effective and efficient alarms also provide rapid alerts to dangerous CO levels.

Complying with revised EN 50291-1:2018

The EN 50291-1:2018 updated standard requires mandatory end of life indicators in the form of audible and visual warnings, which is already a standard feature on all FireAngel CO alarms. Both alarms are supplied with three LEDs that provide clear indication of different conditions and faults to simplify the user experience, whilst the prominent visual alarm notification LED heartbeat intensity also automatically reduces at night time.

The alarms also contain increased sound output to 85dB, in line with all FireAngel smoke and heat alarms, for enhanced user safety, whilst the number of potential interference gases has also been increased to provide enhanced resistance to nuisance alarms.

Under EN 50291-1:2018, tests for optional alarm silencing facilities have been added to increase user safety by eliminating the ability for the alarm to be silenced at concentrations of over 300ppm. To support regular testing, the new FireAngel alarms feature a quiet test function, which allows discreet testing at a lower volume, when compared to standard CO alarms.

Both alarms also feature an inbuilt memory function, which provides a visual indication of previous alarm activation.

Advanced data extraction technology 

The FA3328 CO alarm with SYNC-IT (NFC technology) features advanced data extraction capabilities as the Near Field Communication (NFC) syncs with the Cloud to provide all alarm data and maintenance information as a pdf report that can be shared or exported.

The FA3820 CO alarm provides advanced diagnostics support via a cable.

Steve Boggis, Director of Business Development for FireAngel, said: “FireAngel is dedicated to protecting, saving and improving customers’ lives by making innovative, cutting-edge technology simple and accessible. The launch of our new battery-powered CO range that meets the requirements of EN 50291-1:2018 is a reflection of this longstanding commitment to ensuring the highest possible standards of protection for all.”

Under the new EN 50291-1:2018 standard, the integrity of a Radio Frequency system must also be tested to ensure it is effective and robust. FireAngel’s Specification Range CO alarm already meets these requirements, providing electrical contractors with a wireless interlink CO alarm alternative that can be interlinked with multiple FireAngel Specification mains powered and battery-powered smoke, heat and CO alarms to create a network.

FireAngel’s new battery powered CO alarms are available nationwide via all leading online and instore distributors. For information, please contact your local specification manager.