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Just published: Housing Technology’s Guide to Connected Homes

Published with support from FireAngel, the Housing Technology Guide to Connected Homes is now available to download for free.

The focus of the free Housing Technology Guide to Connected Homes is around how housing providers can use networks of IoT devices across their property portfolios to gather data to support their ongoing operations and strategic planning.

Moving beyond the ‘tactical’ use of IoT device data by individual tenants, such as smart meters and reduced energy consumption, the guide covers how housing providers and local authorities can aggregate torrents of IoT data and turn it into meaningful insights while ensuring their tenants and properties remain secure and protected.

What’s covered in the Connected Homes guide?

The guide is packed full of insights and IoT-aggregated solutions, including:

  • Building tenant-focused dashboards to monitor tenants’ wellbeing;
  • Creating BI dashboards for senior executives and departmental teams;
  • Risk stratification using predictive technologies;
  • Protecting vulnerable tenants;
  • Using the IoT data to populate/augment big data for analytics;
  • Removing housing providers’ reliance on standalone spreadsheets;
  • The security risks of IoT- and AI-based domestic devices;
  • Coordinating day-to-day repairs with predicted breakdowns/replacements;
  • Identifying properties at increased risk of fire

Download Housing Technology’s Guide to Connected Homes for free today and get IoT insight to support your organisation’s digital transformation.