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Unlock your Gateway to the future with a Connected safety bundle

To mark the upcoming launch of Housing Technology and FireAngel’s guide on deploying smart homes, we’re offering housing associations a Connected giveaway.

FireAngel’s upcoming guide, published in partnership with Housing Technology, is the first practical guide for housing associations looking to implement connected technology into their properties.

To celebrate the launch this summer, we’re offering eligible housing associations the chance to receive a Connected safety bundle in 10 properties, free of charge.

Connected safety bundle

Each Connected safety bundle contains:

  • An initial site survey and suitability consultation
  • A Home Environment Gateway
  • FireAngel Specification smoke & heat alarms
  • Temperature & humidity sensors
  • Full training to housing providers’ installation teams
  • Data package, with expert guidance on data reporting and risk profiling

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Connected safety bundle

Get expert support with starting your connected journey

Housing Technology and FireAngel’s guide will cover the essential steps to consider when deploying smart technology into properties from set-up to management, including:

  • Think big: How to ensure your scope is as large as possible
  • Buy-in: Presenting your business case to the board
  • Grass-roots support: How to get residents’ buy-in
  • Boots on the ground: Preparing contractors for deployment
  • Green light: Ensuring a successful roll out
  • The right stuff: Are you collecting suitable data?
  • Smooth operations: Don’t forget ongoing maintenance
  • Looking further afield: Understanding how your data could improve your community
  • Futureproofing: Ensuring your smart home programme is reactive to future changes

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The Connected safety bundle pilot scheme is open to eligible UK housing providers, who must manage at least 300 properties, with one entry per organisation. Properties will require cellular connectivity to be compatible. Pilots will be scheduled on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and will need to be activated within 12 months.

For full details on what is included in the Connected pilot scheme, please visit our T&Cs.