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Damp and mould sensing with FireAngel

FireAngel offers both semi-connected technology and IoT solutions that monitor a property's ambient environment, including temperature and humidity.

The Housing Ombudsman’s Spotlight report into damp and mould in social housing properties caused ripples in the sector after it encouraged landlords to take a zero tolerance, data-driven approach to tackling the issue.

Explore FireAngel’s solutions that can support landlords with identifying properties in disrepair or at risk of developing damp and mould.

Smart solutions and IoT technology

Damp and mould sensing FireAngel

FS2550W2ZB: Home Environment Gateway

The FS2550W2ZB features in-built temperature (accuracy: ±0.5 ºC) and humidity sensors (accuracy: ±3% RH) with automatic reporting to the FireAngel Connected platform.

FireAngel’s Home Environment Gateway delivers a holistic resident safety solution, encompassing fire safety, AI-driven risk stratification and background environmental monitoring.

Through additional Zigbee sensors, the solution takes resident safety and wellbeing to previously unachievable levels, enabling housing providers to prioritise condensation, damp and mould interventions and increase fire prevention measures for residents who need it most.

The Gateway is ceiling mounted and occupies the same footprint of a smoke alarm. It can also be installed as a baseplate of an existing FireAngel mains-powered alarm, so no additional wiring is required.

Collected data is uploaded to the FireAngel Connected, where it can be processed to identify properties at serious risk of developing damp and mould or tenants who may need further support.

Whilst Connected offers substantial insight via its dashboard, it also deploys open‑source API code which allows full integration with a landlord’s current asset or resident management system if required. Data can be viewed in a centralised dashboard or integrated into existing asset management systems through open API.

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Solutions and semi-connected technology

Damp and mould sensing FireAngel

FA3328-EUT: Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 10 Year Lifetime Battery

Designed to protect residents in social housing and private rented homes, the FA3328-EUT has built-in temperature and humidity sensors that log readings in properties, ideal for detecting damp and mould.

Using FireAngel’s free Installer App, Sync‑It™ (NFC technology) allows advanced diagnostics to be easily extracted with multiple shareable report options to support landlords in pinpointing properties at risk of damp and mould.

There are three types of reports available: Full Maintenance & Compliance Report, Quick Report or Product Test. Discover further information on the types of data you can extract in these reports with our detailed breakdown.

The alarm also senses carbon monoxide (CO) using an advanced electrochemical sensor and intelligent sensing algorithm to detect low level CO. Other features include a unique pre alarm ventilate warning, quiet self-test and alarm memory indicating a previous activation in the past 30 days.

The FA3328-EUT has been rigorously tested in-house and is third party approved and certified to BSI Kitemark standards.

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A smart approach to futureproofing homes

The Social Housing (Regulation) Act 2023, which has now received Royal Assent, is set to dramatically reform the housing sector to protect tenants’ lives and compel landlords to address problems rapidly.

The Act also includes Awaab’s Law, providing more protection to residents in homes affected by damp and mould, with strict new time limits outlined for social landlords to investigate a reported problem.

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