How to create a report using FireAngel’s Diagnostic Dashboard

View further information, or watch the video, on using our diagnostic dashboard, including how to perform a diagnostics test and generate a final report.

FireAngel’s Diagnostic Cables can be used on a number of our smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) devices to download data and view information using the Diagnostic Dashboard.

Devices that are compatible with our range of diagnostic cables include:

Smoke alarms

  • SM-SN-1
  • SM-F-1-EU
  • ST-630
  • ST-230
  • ST-620
  • ST-622
  • ST-623E
  • ST-625
  • ST-632
  • ST-750

Heat alarms

  • HM-SN-1
  • HM-F-1-EU
  • HT-230
  • HT-630
  • WETA

CO alarms

  • CO-9B
  • CO-9D
  • CO-9X
  • CO-9X-10
  • COB-SN
  • nCO-9B
  • nCO-9X
  • NM-CO-10x
  • FA3328
  • FA3322
  • FA3313
  • FA3820

When using the software, choose the diagnostic cable that fits the device you wish to test. Insert the connector into the port on the device and then into the USB port on the computer.

Using the Diagnostic Dashboard

Within the dashboard, users can select a view option based on the level of information required. For example, level 1 option displays basic device name information. In level 1, running a test on a device will allow you to check for any faults, add details such as batch number or comments and export the report into a shareable doc or PDF.

In level 2 mode, you can see additional details for a device test including status (where you can see previous alarm activations and self-tests) and alarm (where you can see local and remote alarm events).

Watch: How to run a report in diagnostic dashboard

If you need any further assistance, please refer back to the help file by clicking on the ‘help icon’ in the top right corner of the dashboard.