End-of-Life Policy


FireAngel takes pride in offering reliable safety solutions, but like all technology, the products eventually reach the end of their lifespans. This “end-of-life” stage, often abbreviated as EOL, occurs for several reasons:


FireAngel continuously strives to improve, introducing newer products with advanced features and technology. As these advancements become available, older models may eventually become outdated.

Market Shifts

Consumer preferences and safety regulations can evolve over time. If a product no longer meets market demands or compliance standards, it might enter the EOL phase.

Supply Chain Changes:

The availability of materials or components used in a product can fluctuate due to various factors. If sourcing becomes difficult or impossible, FireAngel might need to discontinue the product.

Optimising Design:

FireAngel constantly seeks ways to improve product efficiency and functionality. If significant design upgrades are implemented, older models might become less competitive, leading to their EOL.
By understanding these reasons, you can anticipate the eventual retirement of FireAngel product and plan accordingly. FireAngel is committed to responsible product lifecycles, including providing clear information and guidance to customers during the EOL process.


Any FireAngel product EOL will be communicated to customers via email twelve months* before its End-of-Sale date, or posted on the FireAngel website. EOL products are removed from the pricelist and datasheets may no longer be available for purchase after the End-of-Sale date.

End-of-Life Effective Date:

The date on which FireAngel announces to the public the End-of-Services dates, and End-of-Software Support Date for a FireAngel product/service.

End-of-Sale Date:

The last date to order and ship the product/service.

End-of-Software Support Date:

The last date for software support. Software updates will only be made for critical security patches for 24 months after the End-of-Sales Date. After this period, software updates will be suspended. To register software updates, the products need to be online.

Please contact us for recommendations on alternative solutions.


*Except for uncontrollable factors