Fire Safety

Enhance resident safety with connected technology

Through the installation of a new generation of connected fire safety systems that feature both Smart RF and Predict® technology, UK housing providers can effectively remotely monitor all devices within each property through a wireless network of alarms.

Our advanced connected technology allows housing providers to easily monitor and manage the status of alarms in real time across their entire housing portfolio, highlighting any potential issues as and when they occur.

Historically, a collection of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms will have been installed and tested upon initial installation, then only tested (at best) once a year. In a worst-case scenario, after the initial installation test, the alarms may never have been tested by tenants.

This is where housing providers can benefit from IoT and connected fire safety technologies using AI to bridge the gap in communication between a property and its tenant, as housing providers can benefit from silent network testing automatically conducted every 18 hours for each property. This helps to provide a clear due diligence trail of compliance (if and when required) and also confirms the status and performance of each alarm.

In theory, the remote monitoring capabilities that connected technologies offer can help support a significant reduction in overheads because the costs and requirements for physical property visits and subsequent missed appointments are eliminated. This new approach to fire safety delivers the highest standards of protection in the most cost-effective way, as providers can use Smart RF and Predict® technology to instantly view the performance of each alarm in real time to understand the trends and levels of risk each property presents.

The adaptable technology also enables individuals responsible for the management and maintenance of housing portfolios to use IoT technology to easily upgrade the fire protection systems installed throughout their entire housing stock in the future, subsequently reducing the challenges related to asset management and the associated costs.

This upgrade can be achieved by simply adding a Smart RF radio module into the alarm, allowing wireless interlinking of up to 50 alarms within one network. This creates a safety network with access to vital information including current status, alarm history, replacement dates and system health through the activation of a secure, cloud-based connected gateway.

Enhance your residents’ safety

By using AI through a connected fire safety system, which uses a gateway featuring a unique algorithm and patented Predict® technology, it can highlight trends and high-risk patterns of behaviour.

By being able to pinpoint tenants who have become vulnerable or high risk in a completely automated way, housing providers can use their resources to target and support those people most in need, both improving safety and ensuring they are using precious resources more efficiently.

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