Fire Safety

Experience easy alarm testing

With a large, central test button, our new range of smoke and heat alarms enable simple testing at home.

Testing your smoke alarms no longer means you need a step ladder – FireAngel have you covered with a large central push button which you can reach using a sweeping brush. It’s just one of the key features from our new range of optical smoke and heat alarms, available from April 2022.

easy alarm testing

The large test button makes self-testing your smoke or heat alarms a breeze. When pressed, the button will initiate the testing sequence within the alarm. You’ll hear two loud sequences of three beeps, and an LED on the unit will flash, which shows you that everything is working within the alarm.

We recommend you test your alarms on a weekly basis, including any carbon monoxide alarms in your home as well.

Unsure how many alarms to install in your home? Ready our blog to find out exactly how many smoke alarms or heat alarms you should install in your home and where to fit them.

Silence false alarms easily

easy alarm testing

The optical smoke sensing chamber in our alarms works by ‘seeing’ smoke as it enters the alarm – making it great at detecting slow burning fires where there is thick white smoke.

If you know your alarm is reacting to smoke from cooking, and there is no risk of a serious fire, you are able to silence the alarm using the large test button. The alarm will then be muted for 10 minutes. However, if there is still smoke present after this time it will go into full alert mode.

Please note, if the amount of smoke present is at a level that the alarm deems too high, you will not be able to silence the alarm and it will remain in full alert mode.

Where will I find the ‘test & silence’ button?

The large test button can be found in the centre of the alarms and is a large concave recess. It is found on all of the below range of alarms:

easy alarm testing

You will be able to find our new range of smoke and heat alarms in your local DIY stores such as B&Q, Screwfix, Homebase and online at Amazon and Safelincs.

Find out more about our new range of smoke and heat alarms today and ensure you and your family are protected. Or why not discover FireAngel Thermoptek technology, for the fastest response to all fire types.