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Introducing the FA6813 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This new carbon monoxide alarm offers a range of features and the latest sensing technology to help keep you protected.

Featuring electrochemical sensing technology and a clear loud alarm, the new FA6813-EU carbon monoxide (CO) alarm provides trusted detection for your home.

With three year’s warranty and 10 year sensor life, the FA6813 comes equipped 2 x AA batteries that can be replaced once you hear the low battery chirp to keep you protected. For a decade of protection, why not explore our sealed for life battery CO alarms?

Alarm memory

FA6813 carbon monoxide alarm

This CO alarm features our alarm memory function, providing a visual indication of a recent CO alarm activation.

A red LED will flash on the alarm to let you know there has been a previous CO alarm activation within the past 30 days. This new feature is particularly useful if you return home after a holiday, providing time to ventilate your property and call a gas safe registered engineer to check appliances.

It’s also a helpful indicator if when visiting a loved one’s home or working as a carer you spot the red LED flashing, it represents a recent carbon monoxide alarm activation – providing vital time to seek proactive intervention.

Find out more about alarm memory.

Sleep Easy™

Another useful feature included with the FA6813 alarm is the Sleep Easy™ function, allowing you to silence low battery chirps for 8 hours, up to 10 times.

This feature not only allows you to enjoy a silent night’s sleep, but gives you vital time to take action and replace your batteries.

Crescendo test

This new feature helps to protect your hearing by allowing you to choose the volume level of the test alarm. Simply hold down the test button and the alarm will move through the increasing volume levels (similar to a rising ‘crescendo’) until you find the alert sound level you are comfortable with.

Smart silence

In the event of a known false alarm, smart silence allows you to stop an alerting CO alarm from chirping for five minutes. After five minutes if the CO level is still high the device will continue to sound.

However, please note that this feature will be disabled if levels of more than 150pp of carbon monoxide have been detected and will not be available until CO returns to negligible levels. Once silence mode is enabled, if CO level rises above 180ppm the alarm will also exit silence mode and continue to sound.

Watch the video for more information on the FA6813-EU Carbon Monoxide Alarm

How many CO alarms do I need to protect my family and home?

The advice below is purely provided for best practice and should not be used independently. Please note, these alarms are not suitable for homes in Scotland under the new fire & CO regulations.

An audible carbon monoxide alarm is the only way to be alerted to a carbon monoxide leak; it can’t be smelt, tasted or seen so it’s impossible for human senses to detect.

Known as the ‘Silent Killer’, CO occurs when fuels burn incompletely, with common sources being boilers, gas fires and hobs and solid fuel burners. However, carbon monoxide can also pass through walls, so you would also be at risk if a neighbouring property had a leak.

Where should I put my carbon monoxide detector?

FireAngel recommend a CO alarm is installed between 1 m and 3 m away from each fuel‑burning appliance, as well as installing additional units in areas such as living rooms and bedrooms where you spend most time whilst at home.

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FA6813 carbon monoxide alarm

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