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What do the FireAngel carbon monoxide alarm symbols mean?

How to set up and use your new FireAngel carbon monoxide alarm to ensure you’re kept safe from the silent killer at home.

FireAngel’s new and enhanced carbon monoxide (CO) alarms feature several icon indicators to represent different safety warnings.

This guide covers what each of the icons mean on the alarm, along with their corresponding flashing light and sound patterns. It also covers how to activate, install and look after your CO alarm.

Quick reference Icon Identifier guide

For a handy reference you can download and keep or print our quick reference FireAngel CO alarm Icon Identifier guide.

FireAngel carbon monoxide alarm symbols

Activating your CO alarm

To activate your CO alarm, pull the disabling tab out of the device and wait up to one minute for the green LED to flash to confirm the device is active. After one minute, once alarm is activated, you should test your alarm. Press the ‘test’ button once to sound at a low volume. Press the ‘test’ button twice to sound at full volume.

Understanding FireAngel carbon monoxide alarm symbols

CO Alarm Activation

When dangerous levels of CO are detected, a loud audible alarm of 4 chirps will sound and a red warning flash pattern will occur every second. The higher the concentration of CO detected, the quicker the alarm will respond.

Never ignore this alarm, further exposure to carbon monoxide can be fatal. If you are experiencing any symptoms of CO poisoning, seek medical attention immediately.

Alarm Memory

With our Alarm Memory feature, if your alarm is not silenced during an alert, it will continue to sound until the CO level has reduced to below 50ppm. After which, the alarm will flash the red CO warning light twice without sound, every 20 seconds to indicate that dangerous CO levels have been detected in your absence. The red warning light will continue to flash for 7 days if the ‘test’ button is not used to cancel it.

Ventilate Instruction

A loud audible alarm of 2 chirps (a short chirp and a long chirp, ‘di-dah’) will sound and a yellow warning flash pattern will occur every 4 seconds as a pre-alarm ventilation warning to help reduce the risk of CO poisoning from low level CO exposure. Please note this feature is not available with the FA3113.

If this icon flashes on your CO alarm, keep calm and open doors and windows to ventilate your home. Stop using all fuel-burning appliances and if possible, turn them off. Ring your fuel supplier and seek further advice.

Sleep Easy

Three loud warning ‘chirps’ accompanied by three yellow LED flash pattern indicates a low battery. If a low battery warning chirp occurs at night, and it is inconvenient to replace the batteries, you can silence the chirp by pressing the test button.

The alarm will silence for 8 hours and the yellow LED light will continue to flash as low battery mode once a minute. You can silence your alarm for a maximum of 10 times before you must replace the batteries or alarm.

Power and Night Sensing

Once your CO alarm is activated, this icon or ‘heartbeat’ will continue to flash a green LED in power mode. If a battery fault or warning has been silenced for a period of 8 hours and times out during night time, the silence period will automatically be extended once for a further 8 hours (night silence will increase the counter by 1 for sleep easy). Please note, this feature is not available with the FA3820 or FA3313 alarms.

Understanding FA3322 digital display indicators

FireAngel’s FA3322 digital carbon monoxide alarm features many icons on the LCD screen. View our guide below to help you understand what each represents.

FireAngel carbon monoxide alarm symbols

CO alarm installation guide

Once your CO alarm is activated and tested, choose to install the alarm by mounting on a wall or free standing on a shelf. Your alarm should be placed 1-3 metres away from any fuel burning appliance in your home, in living rooms or bedrooms.

Where wall mounting is required, secure your CO alarm using 2 x 3.5mm (No 6) CSK screws. Drill holes into the wall (70mm apart for FA3313, FA3322 & FA3820 and 56mm apart for FA3328), insert plastic wall plus and screw in the screws. Slide alarm into position. Check alarm is secure – please refer to your alarm manual for detailed advice on securing and position the alarm.

Looking after your CO alarm

Your CO alarm constantly checks the accuracy of its sensor and circuitry. If any of the settings are found to be incorrect or if the batteries become low, the alarm will sound an audible chirp and sound an amber flash pattern for up to 30 days.

FireAngel carbon monoxide alarm symbols

Your CO alarm must be replaced immediately if there is a fault or indication of end of life to ensure your home remains protected. Find out more information about maintaining your alarm or further details on our new range.