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Discover FireAngel’s range of devices for domestic properties

Designed with installers in mind, our range of alarms deliver maximum protection for all types of domestic properties in a cost efficient and effective way.

FireAngel’s range of easy to install smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms feature innovative, patented technologies and comply to the latest legislative requirements.

FireAngel offer both standalone and interlinked devices alongside connected technology and IoT solutions that offer a holistic network of protection, detection and prevention that is scalable and expandable in the future to provide increased safety and reassurance for housing providers, landlords and residents.

1. Fit and forget devices

Grade D2 Solution: Mains + 9V Battery Backup

FireAngel’s competitively priced mains range with a 9V battery back-up supports installers in achieving a cost-effective approach to fire and CO protection for residential properties (including new build projects).

FireAngel range

This range of smoke, heat and CO alarms are compliant to BS5839-6:2019 Grade D2 and supplied with a 5 year warranty.

The Mains 9V range can be hardwire interconnected, or wirelessly connected with the addition of an RF interlink base (RF-BW-T) to each alarm. This supports installers in meeting the specific requirements of budget-conscious projects.

FireAngel range

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Grade F2 Solution: Optical battery smoke alarm

Our SB1‑T optical standalone smoke alarm is ideal for grade F2 installations where cost is a priority. Optical alarms are recommended in the British Standard BS 5839‑6 for installation in circulation areas such as hallways and landings.

For alarms that interlink see Grade D1 and F1 products within our FireAngel Specification or Grade D2 products within our Mains 9V range.

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Battery Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms

Our latest range of 10 year battery-powered CO alarms are compliant with the revised European Standard EN 50291 and feature the latest advancements in intelligent CO sensing technology for ultimate CO protection.

FireAngel range

Enhanced technology enables the alarms’ high sensitivity mode to be activated, producing a clear loud alarm that provides a rapid reaction to rising levels of CO if it predicts levels will increase to or above 180ppm.

Featuring 85DB alarm sounders in line with the updated standard requirements. Calibrated and rigorously tested in-house, in addition to third-party testing, every alarm has received the BSI Kitemark certification and supplied with a five year warranty.

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2. Grade D1 & F1 Solutions: Create wireless networks with Smart RF technology

Install a Smart RF Radio Module within FireAngel Smart RF Ready devices to wirelessly interlink multiple devices on a single network, including our Connected Gateway.

FireAngel range

Create a hybrid network that meets your project’s specific requirements. Mains and battery powered smoke, heat and CO alarms can be wireless interlinked so when one alarm sounds, they all sound. While mixed systems eliminate the requirement for costly and time-consuming channelling or trunking.

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3. Remote monitoring with connected IoT technology

Whether you’re planning IoT pilots and roll-outs now or have it in the pipeline for 5 years’ time, FireAngel have a fire safety solution designed to suit UK housing including social and private landlords.

In most instances, going from a ‘standalone’ install to a ‘connected’ network is as simple as adding a new base to any mains powered smoke alarm in the property.

So you can install today, connect later.  

Unlock remote monitoring with a Gateway

fireangel range

FireAngel’s Home Environment Gateway delivers a holistic resident safety solution, encompassing fire safety, AI-driven risk stratification and background environmental monitoring with temperature and humidity sensors incorporated.

The gateway is ceiling mounted and occupies the same footprint of a smoke alarm. It can also be interlinked with all FireAngel Specification alarms, so no additional wiring is required.

FireAngel range

Alternatively, the addition of a Specification Connected Wireless Gateway enables remote real time monitoring to provide instant visibility of every alarm across an entire network, without requiring physical property access for complete tenant and asset protection. With simple set up and configuration, the Gateway can grant access in seconds to service and maintenance teams, landlords, family or friends.

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The right choice for your next project

Trusted nationally for over 25 years, FireAngel has worked closely alongside UK fire and rescue services and housing providers to develop enhanced safety solutions. Since being founded in 1998, we’ve supplied more than 80 million safety products to help protect over 25 million UK homes.

Available nationwide instore and online from all leading trade wholesalers, our high performance products are backed by our dedicated Field Support team, who are on hand to provide bespoke installation advice.

Get in touch with your local Specification Manager or download our fire and carbon monoxide Product Guide to see how FireAngel can support your next project.