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Hardwire interconnecting multiple smoke and heat alarms

FireAngel mains powered alarms can be hardwire interlinked together, meaning that:

  1. If one alarm detects danger the alert will be heard across all the alarms in the network.
  2. If you press the test button on one of the alarms all the alarms in the network will be tested.

WARNING: Wiring should be installed by a qualified electrician in accordance with BS7671. We advise you to follow the new harmonized cable colour coding as specified in BS7671.

How to build a hardwire interconnected alarm network.

For multiple alarm installations use a ‘three core and earth’ style cable between all the alarms to be interconnected.

Connect the interconnect cable between each alarm’s ‘I’ terminal. The interconnect wire (minimum 0.75 cable) must be treated as Live, it should be insulated and sheathed.

Do not:

  • Exceed the maximum of interconnected alarms on a network as specified in the instruction manual.
  • Exceed 250 m of connecting wire per circuit.
  • Connect FireAngel alarms to any other models produced by another manufacturer.