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Home Environment Gateway

Designed for social housing, this GDPR compliant and easy to fit gateway, uses Smart RF technology to wirelessly connect smoke, heat, carbon monoxide alarms and Zigbee sensors to the FireAngel Connected cloud-based platform.

The most technologically advanced gateway in the market

FireAngel’s Home Environment Gateway delivers a holistic resident safety solution, encompassing fire safety, AI-driven risk stratification and background environmental monitoring to support the creation of ‘healthy homes’. It can be used as the base plate for Specification mains-powered alarms and connects wirelessly to a chosen network of devices.

The Gateway continually monitors alarms, creating a link between Smart RF, Wi-Safe 2, Zigbee devices and FireAngel’s Connected cloud platform.

FireAngel Home Environment Gateway FireAngel Home Environment Gateway

Reduce disrepair cases with environmental insight

The Home Environment Gateway can support social landlords in complying with the Social Housing Act 2023, and reduce spend on legal claims, by taking a ‘data-driven approach’ to tackling damp and mould in properties.

Research conducted by Housing Management and Maintenance also found healthy homes are believed to improve tenants’ mental health, happiness and life expectancy.

The Gateway’s in-built temperature (accuracy ±1℃) and humidity (accuracy ± 10%RH) sensor provides data of a property’s internal environment, enabling housing providers to actively review and spot any properties at risk of damp and mould.

FireAngel Home Environment Gateway FireAngel Home Environment Gateway

Rapid detection Rapid detection PLUS extra safety features

Futureproof properties with an adaptable network of detection

Equipped with Zigbee capability, the Gateway can connect with up to 20 additional Zigbee sensors, to take resident safety and wellbeing to previously unachievable levels and maintain compliance with changing legislation.

This enables housing providers to prioritise condensation, damp and mould interventions and increase fire prevention measures for residents who need it most.

FireAngel Home Environment Gateway FireAngel Home Environment Gateway FireAngel Home Environment Gateway FireAngel Home Environment Gateway

Easy installation for enhanced protection

  • Option to be wall or ceiling-mounted, where it can be used as the base plate for any of FireAngel’s Specification mains-powered alarms
  • Equipped with LTE/GPRS Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity options
  • Secure protection ensures GDPR compliance and safe data sharing
  • 10 year operational life for long lasting resident protection and peace of mind
  • FireAngel Connected enables cloud-to-cloud data integration through open API into current asset management systems

Download the FireAngel Connected Brochure: IoT-powered resident protection

FireAngel Home Environment Gateway


Powered by our trusted Specification range: Smart solutions for safer homes  

home environment gateway


Our Specification range of alarms use multi-sensor technology as standard, the trusted technology of the UK Fire & Rescue Services since 2007, to provide a rapid response.

Connected app

Supports adoption of a mobile-first approach to resident protection, providing a more convenient and engaging way for tenants to be aware of their home safety risks.

Certified quality

All FireAngel alarms are tested by third parties alongside vigorous in-house quality checks to ensure every single device meets our rigorous quality requirements.

FireAngel Home Environment Gateway