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First‑time homeowners and renovators, Henrietta & Josh, of @henriettashome, tell us how they've used FireAngel's Pro Connected range in their home.

Guest blog written by Henrietta, @henriettashome

When we got the keys to our first home in March 2019 we quickly set about stripping it back to brick, removing all of the original plaster plumbing and wiring.


At the time, we decided to install mains powered smoke alarms in the living room and landing, with an additional mains powered heat alarm in the kitchen.

We had a portable carbon monoxide (CO) alarm in our living room, due to having a log burner installed, and a second CO alarm in our garage, where the boiler is located.

Three years later, and after a number of COVID lockdowns, we decided to upgrade the level of fire and CO protection in our home to give us complete peace of mind now that we are back at work or when we are away on holiday.

The FireAngel Pro Connected range provided us with the ideal solution, as by using a combination of mains powered and battery powered alarms, we were able to create a hybrid network to meet our specific needs.

Every alarm in our property is wirelessly interlinked, so if one alarm sounds, they all sound. This is particularly useful, as if the CO alarm in the garage sounds, we will be aware of the potential danger, even if we are upstairs in our bedroom, which is on the other side of the house.

FireAngel Pro Connected app

By adding the FireAngel Pro Connected Gateway, we are able to receive instant notifications to our phones via the FireAngel Pro Connected app, which means even if we are away on holiday, we have a 360° overview of every alarm and its status.

One of the key benefits of the app is being able to silently test the alarms at the touch of a button, as I’m ashamed to say after two years of living in our property, I hadn’t tested our alarms once!

Quick and easy to set up, the FireAngel Pro Connected range provides us with complete peace of mind and the confidence that our home is protected whilst we’re away. Find out more information about FireAngel Pro Connected or follow @henriettashome on Instagram.