In preparation for the start of the boating season, and half term holidays, Boat Safety Week aims to ensure all crew members know the risks...
With National Camping and Caravanning Week just around the corner, make sure you’re keeping safe when holidaying in the great outdoors.
FireAngel are proudly supporting this year's Fire Kills campaign, helping to raise awareness on the importance of installing working smoke alarms and testing regularly.
With Bonfire Night around the corner, it is important to be aware of the dangers of fireworks if they are not handled responsibly.
Learn more about our unique technology, FireAngel Predict® and how it can be used to keep loved ones, elderly neighbours or those you care for,...
Oaks Barn Farm, a self-catering holiday farm in Warwickshire, recently installed Pro Connected smoke and heat alarms to ensure a high level of guest fire...
To ensure your BBQ gatherings stay fun and accident-free, Fire & Rescue Services recommend following these crucial safety tips.
As e-bikes and e-scooter ownership increases in the UK, experts are warning of the fire risk posed by the lithium-ion batteries used in the vehicles...
FireAngel were pleased to support Henley & Wootton Scout Group with an engaging home safety workshop with Warwickshire FRS.
If your smoke or heat alarms have begun chirping, follow our advice to help diagnose what could be the cause.
When over half of all accidental house fires are caused by electricity, discover how to keep safe at home with these top tips.
With an ultra bright LED escape light, our new FA6611-R smoke alarm will illuminate your route to safety.
With a quiet self-test, there’s no need to wake up loved ones or disturb the neighbours when testing your alarms.
With this handy feature, you can silence low battery warnings for 8 hours - ideal if the warning chirp occurs at night.
Say hello to our new range of optical smoke and heat alarms, available now from leading retailers.
With a large, central test button, our new range of smoke and heat alarms enable simple testing at home.
Most fires in the home start accidentally. Taking the time to understand what you can do to stay protected will help keep you, other people...
Experience smart protection for your home with FireAngel’s Pro Connected alarm range, the highest level of fire and carbon monoxide safety.
Following a number of incidents caused by sunlight reflecting off mirrors, fire chiefs have re-issued warnings about the dangers of low sunlight and combustible materials.