Fire Safety, Maintenance

How to ‘unlearn’ a device from your FireAngel interlinked alarm system

Alarms that are interlinked are constantly communicating with each other which is why when one alarm detects danger, all the alarms will sound.

Unfortunately, it also means that if you take away an alarm without following the ‘un-learning process’ the other alarms will continue to try and communicate with the now ‘missing’ alarm. Over time this results in reduced battery power in the remaining alarms, reducing the lifespan of the alarms.

Following the below steps and easy how-to video will ensure the alarm is removed effectively from the network.

  1. Remove the base plate from the device you want to remove from the network.
  2. Locate the ‘learn-in’ button on the back of the alarm.
  3. Use a ball-point pen to press this button once and release, then press again in quick succession – holding down for 10 seconds on the second press.
  4. The LED light next to the ‘learn-in’ button will flash twice, then flash three times.
  5. Replace the base plate on the alarm.
  6. Press the test button (the alarm should now test independently, and not alongside the rest of the alarms as before).
  7. Your device is now un-learnt.