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How to identify if your CO alarm features Sync-It™ (NFC) Technology

Stay safe and connected: understand how to clearly identify FireAngel’s FA3328-EUT Sync-It™ (NFC technology) carbon monoxide (CO) alarm.

With FireAngel’s Sync-It™ (NFC technology) you can easily transfer information between devices through wireless communication.

The NFC technology enables advanced device data extraction to be downloaded and accessed via the FireAngel Installer mobile app. More information about FireAngel’s Sync-It™ technology can be found here.

How do I know if a FireAngel alarm has Sync-It™ (NFC technology)?

Currently, only our FA3328-EUT carbon monoxide (CO) alarm features Sync-It™ (NFC technology).

Although similar in colour and size to other FireAngel CO alarms, there are three visual cues to identify if the device is equipped with Sync-It™ (NFC technology).

1. Icon order

Looking at the alarm face, you should see four icons on the right hand side of the test button. The order of icons displayed on the FA3328-EUT device look like this, with the CO alert icon first:

FA3328-EUT Sync-It™ (NFC technology) CO alarm

This order differs to other CO alarms from our new range, where the ventilate icon is first.

2. NFC symbol

On the left hand side of the FA3328-EUT test button, you will see a small symbol that represents the Sync-It™ (NFC technology) feature. Carbon monoxide alarms that are not enabled with NFC technology will not have this symbol.

FA3328-EUT Sync-It™ (NFC technology) CO alarm

3. Placement of sensor

Unlike other FireAngel CO alarms, the device sensor is located in the top right hand corner of the alarm. This is a clear indication that the device is the FA3328-EUT and features Sync-It™ (NFC technology).

FA3328-EUT Sync-It™ (NFC technology) CO alarm

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