Committed to improving our environmental performance with ISO 14001 certification

FireAngel’s Quality Compliance Manager, Ross Bates, reflects on how ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification demonstrates a dedication to improve our environmental performance as part of a more sustainable future.

FireAngel has achieved a BSI certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System which reflects our commitment to ensuring we are taking proactive measures to minimise our environmental footprint, comply with relevant legal requirements, and achieve our environmental objectives.

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). It provides a framework for organisations to design, implement, and continually improve their environmental performance. The framework encompasses various aspects, from resource usage and waste management to monitoring environmental performance and involving stakeholders in environmental commitments.

Gaining certification to this standard, represents FireAngel’s commitment not only to regulatory compliance but also to our ongoing environmental improvement.

What does ISO 14001 Environmental Management System mean for our customers?

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

In recent years we’ve seen a marked shift in our professional customers’ focus towards being able to demonstrate good practice in the Environmental, Social and Governance aspects of our operations, with an increased importance placed on third-party verification.

Achieving ISO 14001 accreditation with BSI gives our customers the assurance that we have a system that formally captures the environmental aspects of our operations and we have a framework in place to measure, and continually improve, our environmental performance.

Dovetailing with the accredited ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems of our Contract Electronic Manufacturers, gives our customers confidence that their immediate supply chain has control of the environmental aspects of their business, and is independently verified by external auditors.

A framework to measure and improve environmental performance

We’re formally recognising all the good environmentally focused work that we’re already doing and have done for many years at FireAngel. But we now have a framework to measure and improve our environmental performance, building on long-held environmental commitments to incorporate eco-design principles into our products and packaging, alongside operational activities optimising energy use and waste separation and handling.

This is all done under a third-party audited Environmental Management System which demonstrates to our customers that we are independently verified as operating in an environmentally conscious manner.

What is FireAngel’s environmental policy?

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

At FireAngel, we recognise the importance of maintaining the highest attainable levels of environmental performance, in conjunction with consideration to health, safety, social and ethical responsibility.

Our Environmental Policy includes a commitment to continual improvement of our environmental performance and impact. Core to our Policy is our mission to ‘protect and save lives by making innovative home safety products which are simple and accessible’.

FireAngel’s Environmental Policy is as follows:

  • Maintain compliance with all environmental regulatory requirements applicable to our products and operations
  • Incorporate environmental design considerations as a fundamental input into our product design process, including requirements for end of life
  • Operate our facilities in line with local regulations
  • Only work with suppliers who comply with regulatory requirements
  • Give preference to/prioritise suppliers who monitor their environmental impact and have a policy of continuous improvement
  • Prioritise the use of recycled packaging materials when available and suitable and use recyclable packaging materials
  • Optimise our packaging to minimise the amount of material while providing the requisite level of protection for our products
  • Develop and monitor metrics related to our carbon emissions
  • Incorporate environmental factors into our business decisions
  • Optimise our supply chain strategy to minimise our environmental impact
  • Optimise our travel policy minimising physical travel where other alternatives are available and suitable
  • Increase employee awareness of our Environmental Policy

This Policy will be regularly reviewed as part of FireAngel’s internal ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) committee to ensure it continues to be appropriate.

FireAngel’s environmental objectives

  • The follow key environmental objectives are in place in support of the Environmental Policy:
  • Develop and distribute products that are compliant with applicable Environmental Obligations
  • Provide stakeholders with appropriate environmental information related to products at each stage of the product lifecycle, including items such as pallet marking, outer box marking, product marking
  • Generate reports to meet our minimum carbon reporting obligations
  • Optimise energy consumption in our UK facilities

This is a fantastic achievement for FireAngel, but it’s only the start of our Environmental Management System journey. I’ll be working hard to raise awareness within the business with support from colleagues to champion and implement environmental improvement initiatives to achieve a more sustainable future.