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FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Alarms Chosen In Scottish Community Safety Initiative

Largs Dementia Friendly Group has joined forces with Fire and Rescue, and First Responder volunteers, to install FireAngel carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in people’s homes.

Community groups and emergency services in Largs, Scotland, have been working together to make the town a safer place by fitting CO alarms and locking cooker valves to ‘help save lives’.

An audible carbon monoxide alarm, such as the FA3820 provided, is the only way to detect the odourless, colourless poisonous gas as it cannot be detected by human senses. Locking cooker valves also support with gas safety and can be installed to make a gas appliance, such as cookers and fires, capable of being independently shut off with the key being safely held by family member or carer when the appliance is not intended to be in use.

The initiative, funded by the Scottish Gas Networks (SGN), saw information and advice surrounding carbon monoxide included in Largs Dementia Friendly Group’s community information book ‘Helping Hand’, with 50 FireAngel CO alarms also provided to increase the safety and wellbeing of local residents.

carbon monoxide alarms

John Logan, Crew Commander of Largs Fire and Rescue, said: “This is a great initiative to be part of, working alongside Largs First Responders and Dementia Friendly Largs and District to identify and assist members of our local community who are most at risk.

“Distributing and installing carbon monoxide detectors and signposting to Gas Distribution Network (SGN) to have locking cooker valves installed is a great way of making our community safer.”

Find out more about FireAngel’s range of third-party certified carbon monoxide alarms or visit Largs Dementia Friendly Group’s website for further details of their community alarm project.