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Peace of mind with FireAngel

Cotswold-based mum of two Ally, tells us of her family's experience since installing the Pro Connected smart alarm range.

Guest blog written by Ally, @MamaToMyGang

As a family with a sense of adventure, we love a spontaneous trip away! That’s one of the reasons we love the FireAngel Pro Connected Smart Alarm Range; we can simply hop on the app and check on our battery-powered smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms whilst we’re away, knowing that we’re protecting the home we’ve spent so long making our own.

Our house is our favourite place to be, and FireAngel gives us the peace of mind that we’re looking for. The smoke and heat alarms in the Pro Connected system check their environment and operation more than 8,500 times a day – and being wirelessly interlinked, when one goes off, they all do, meaning you’ll get the earliest possible warning if there is an emergency.

Mama to my Gang

Since having children, I find I worry about being at a distance to them at night. We live in a townhouse, meaning our master bedroom is on the third floor. I used to find it really difficult putting our eldest in his own room downstairs because I know I can’t get to him in the event of a fire between us – but knowing we’re protecting our home with the most advanced technology on the market helps me to keep that natural mum anxiety in check.

CO is a poisonous gas that can’t be smelt, tasted or seen – as a mother, this gives me the absolute fear. Knowing that I can’t protect my babies with my own instincts when it comes to CO is scary stuff! With our Pro Connected system, I can sleep easy at night. Or rather, wake at least three times with our baby… but even if I was feeling anxious during those quiet night-time feeds, I can just jump onto the app and check all our alarms in an instant, without waking my family and the rest of the street!

It’s not just our immediate family that FireAngel can help to protect. If I needed to remember to monitor the alarms in an older relative’s alarms, for example, I can simply add them to the Pro Connected App and have eyes on the safety of their home from the comfort of my own.

Mama to my Gang

Once you’ve connected your first alarm in the system to the wireless gateway, connecting the others is as simple as pressing the “learn in” button on each new unit and the test button on your first one. Follow them round the house, and you’re good to go in no more than 5 minutes. The app does the rest for you!

We’ve loved the FireAngel Pro Connected system so far. The peace of mind it provides to me as a mum is something you could never put a price on! A winner in this household.

Find out more about the FireAngel Pro Connected smart alarm range or check out Mama To My Gang’s Instagram.