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New build properties – D2 / D1 mains powered alarms

Building regulations stipulate that mains alarms are fitted in new build properties.

The FireAngel product range offers a complete choice of mains smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms with either 9V battery back-up or 10 year lithium battery back-up to suit all types of installation projects.

FireAngel’s extensive range of optical and Multi-Sensor smoke alarms meet the required standards of the building regulations. Our Thermoptek Multi-Sensor technology has been used and trusted by the UK’s Fire and Rescue Services since 2007 and offers a faster reaction to all fire types.

By using FireAngel, contractors for new build properties are able to cost-effectively fit high-quality fire safety solutions to ensure compliance and meet the required standards.

Here’s a quick overview of our suitable product ranges for new build properties in line with latest standards:

Optical sensing alarms (Grade D2) – mains range with 9v battery backup

Cost can be a huge factor for new build projects, FireAngel’s competitively priced mains range with a 9V battery back-up offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. For easy installation, a Push2Fit base is included with every mains alarm to ensure a secure and speedy connection, saving time and money on installations.

These alarms can also be wirelessly interlinked using an RF interlink base (RF-BW-T). The RF-BW-T interlink base is quick to install and link, ensuring greater output and savings. Ideal when refurbishing or extending an existing properly, with no messy chasing or trunking to worry about.

Some new build properties can be prone to power surges when located on sites where there is an inconsistent power supply. Our FireAngel mains range with 9V battery back-up has a greater resistance to these power surges offering reliable performance.

Ultimate protection for new builds with multi-sensor alarms (Grade D1)

The FireAngel Specification range of mains alarms offers smoke and heat alarms with 10 year lithium battery back-up. As fire safety technology continues to advance, Multi-Sensor alarms (those monitoring for more than one indication of fire e.g. smoke and heat) are becoming increasingly available and affordable. UK Fire and Rescue services now recommend fitting Multi-Sensor smoke alarms to enhance fire safety protection within the home. FireAngel’s SM-SN-1 smoke alarm has a Multi-Sensor as standard.

Whilst offering enhanced protection, Multi-Sensor alarms provide a quicker, more reliable, response to all types of fire, giving occupants more time to escape and reducing the risks of false alarms. Visit the FireAngel’s Professional Knowledge Hub to find out more about Thermoptek Multi-Sensor technology in our blog.

FireAngel Specification alarms can also be interlinked wirelessly by fitting a Smart RF wireless module into the head of the smoke or heat alarm. FireAngel Specification alarms are also compatible with FireAngel Connected for remote monitoring.

Find out more about our grade D1 specification range of products.

With a complete choice of sensor and battery back-up types, the FireAngel range of mains alarms offer a fire safety solution to suit all types of installation projects and budgets, tackling many of the common challenges faced by new build sites. Alternatively, contact your local specification manager today to find out more about FireAngel’s extensive range of safety solutions for new build properties.