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Guests kept safe at family farm stay with FireAngel Pro Connected

Oaks Barn Farm, a self-catering holiday farm in Warwickshire, recently installed Pro Connected smoke and heat alarms to ensure a high level of guest fire safety.

Guest blog written by Wayne & Sue, @OaksBarnFarm

We have always had smoke and heat alarms in our properties at Oaks Barn Farm, but ahead of the new legislation for self-catering properties, coming into force October 2023, we have made the shift to install FireAngel Pro Connected smoke and heat alarms in all bedroom areas.

Fire safety for self-catering holiday lets

Pro Connected enhances fire safety for self-catering holiday lets

Each property now has a Pro Connected smart gateway and all smoke and heat alarms are connected, so smoke from any of the rooms automatically triggers every alarm in the property – providing those much-needed vital seconds for a safe exit in the event of a fire.

As the Pro Connected gateway is app driven, from a property management perspective monitoring each property could not be easier. There are instant alerts for every alarm and they can all be named to identify each individual room.

We have eliminated carbon monoxide as each property is fed via our biomass district heating system so there is no risk from any heating component in each of the properties.

All key locks have been replaced by thumb turn exit, so even if keys can’t be found in the case of an emergency, the exit is not compromised. Additionally, there are fire blankets and extinguishers found in each property and extinguisher points to our site infrastructure. Our on-site fire instructions include our What3Words address which is key to identifying our rural location.

Fire safety for self-catering holiday lets

The Pro Connected alarm system from FireAngel takes fire safety for self-catering holiday lets to the next level. We have decided to deploy Pro Connected, including FireAngel carbon monoxide alarms, to our farm buildings and main farmhouse as we are really impressed with the connectivity and app functionality. We can test each of our sites through the app and love the alerts which are sent if any of the alarms are tampered with.

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