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What is the Private Tenancies Act (NI) 2022?

View more information about the Private Tenancies Act (Northern Ireland) 2022 which received Royal Assent in April 2022.

The Private Tenancies Act (NI) 2022 makes changes to the Private Tenancies Order (NI) 2006 and came into effect on 1st April 2023.

The act states a landlord’s duties in relation to fire, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms as follows:

The landlord under a private tenancy must keep in repair and in proper working order:

  • (a)sufficient appliances for detecting fire or smoke, and for giving warning in the event that they are detected, and
  • (b)sufficient appliances for detecting whether carbon monoxide is present at levels that are harmful to people, and for giving warning if it is.

The Department may by regulations set minimum standards for the purpose of determining whether the duties have been complied with.

The standards that may be set include standards as to the number, type and condition of appliances that should be installed in circumstances specified in the regulations.

A landlord who fails to comply with a duty is guilty of an offence under this Order.

The act states tenant’s duties in relation to fire, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms as follows:

The tenant under a private tenancy:

  • (a)must take proper care of the appliances installed for the purposes of Article 11B as a good tenant;
  • (b)must make good any damage to those appliances wilfully or negligently done or caused by the tenant, by any tenant of his or hers or by any other person lawfully living in or lawfully visiting the premises.

For more information, view guidance on the Government website or review other UK standards and regulations.


*Please note: The above summary is based on FireAngel’s interpretation of Private Tenancies Act (NI) 2022, always refer to the standard for specific guidance.