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Three levels of smart protection with FireAngel Pro Connected

There are multiple product and installation options to suit all requirements and budgets with FireAngel Pro Connected.

The FireAngel Pro Connected range of smart smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms offers you a ‘smarter’ way to stay safe at home.

With multiple network options, modern designs and the option of an app to control your alarms remotely, with Pro Connected you can easily connect up to 50 devices with our simple ‘learn-in’ process.

The range is compliant with laws in England, Wales and the updated Scottish fire and CO legislation – with easy retrofit installation ensured.

FireAngel have multiple product and installation options to suit all requirements and Pro Connected products can be fitted as standalone alarms or wirelessly interconnected to raise the alarm to danger in unison.

Whether you choose to install a standalone Pro Connected alarm, a few wirelessly interlinked alarms or a complete network with a Gateway, we’ve simplified what’s included for each option.

Level 1: Single, standalone detectors

FireAngel Pro Connected

Choose to install a single Pro Connected smoke, heat or carbon monoxide alarm for independent zone protection within a home.

A FireAngel smoke and heat alarm meticulously check its operation and environment up to 8,500 times a day and is full of patented technology such as our Sleep Easy feature which allows you to silence low battery alerts for 8 hours, giving you a peaceful night’s sleep

With both sealed for life battery and mains powered alarms available in the Pro Connected range, choose a product that suits you. Each alarm is supplied with a mounting base that covers the majority of fixing holes on the market, making it perfect for replacing existing alarms without needing to redecorate.

Features included with a standalone Pro Connected alarm

Level 2: Multiple network of devices (2+ alarms wirelessly interlinked)

FireAngel Pro Connected

Pro Connected alarms will perform flawlessly as standalone products but when wirelessly interconnected they’ll raise the alarm in unison. You can interlink both mains and battery powered alarms at the touch of a button, so when one sounds, they all sound.

This means if a fire starts in a remote area such as the garage, you’ll be alerted instantly across the home. Our Smart Silence feature then allows you to silence all alarms except the initial unit reacting to danger, so you can act quickly.

We’ve included clear manuals with each product, videos to support with interlinking alarms and if you download the FireAngel Connected app, you’ll also have access to a wealth of support. Once wirelessly interlinked you can mount alarms easily and neatly with base plates.

For complete control of your smart alarm network, including enjoying the ability to test your alarms remotely via our free Connected app, why not add a Gateway.

Features included with multiple interlinked Pro Connected alarms  

When wirelessly interconnected you’re able to press the test button on the most accessible alarm to test all alarms in the system, but adding a Gateway to the network gives you full alarm control.

Level 3: Pro Connected smart system (alarm network + Gateway installed)

FireAngel Pro Connected

Install a smart Gateway in your alarm network to experience easy testing and silencing at your fingertips – or make life even easier and enable Just Ask Alexa to test the network from the comfort of your sofa.

Our Pro Connected range of alarms and accessories has been specifically designed to be easy to install, but even easier to monitor and operate. With our Gateway and app installed in the network you can list numerous addresses, allowing you to have alerts for elderly parents, child’s or vulnerable dependent’s homes for complete peace of mind. Receive alerts via the Connected app or to your email to ensure you’re always informed about your loved ones or your home’s safety. Find out more about Pro Connected.

Features included with smart system  

The Connected app is free of charge to download with no subscription or in-app purchase fees. An internet connection is required for the push notifications, but if this is reduced all alarms will remain active within the home, giving you complete protection.

It’s available in the App Store and Google Play Store in the UK and Europe, in English language only.

Smart protection for your home with FireAngel Pro Connected

The FireAngel Pro Connected range has been designed in-house at our Midlands based development centre and has been rigorously tested to ensure unrivalled quality and longevity. Each product is packed full of enhanced technology, with a sleek and polished design to fit seamlessly into your home.

Browse our Pro Connected range, view our Connected app or find out more about the technology used in our smart alarm range.