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Natural Gas Alarm


Suitable for areas with:

Gas Boiler
Gas Heater
Gas Cooker
  • An advanced low power semi-conductor sensor designed to accurately measure Natural Gas in your home before explosive levels are reached.
  • Detects Natural Gas continuously.
  • Sounds a loud 85dB alarm (at 1metre (3 feet)) to alert you in case of an emergency.

Positioning: The alarm should be installed in any room where a gas leak is possible to occur.

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Introducing the UKs first battery powered natural gas alarm. The NG-9B will alert you to the presence of gas in your home before a dangerous level is reached.


Key Features:

Battery.pngPowered by replacable batteries

Thermoptek.pngAdvanced sensor for Natural Gas

Thermometer.pngResistant to false alarms

5Yr Warranty.pngA loud 85dB alarm

Kitemark.png5 year warranty

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GAS Alarm Positioning

Firstly you must confirm the type of gas in your home. Your NG-9B alarm is designed to detect Natural Gas and is clearly marked with this gas type.

As Natural Gas is lighter than air it will naturally rise and build up at a high level in the room. The NG-9B alarm should therefore be placed above the highest window, door or vent in the room. Ideally within 30cm of the ceiling.


GAS Alarm Installation

To mount on a wall:

Please ensure that you use the screws provided, as they were chosen specifically for use with this product. Use the template provided for guidance on marking hole positions. Drill holes into the wall. Insert the plastic wall plugs. Screw in the screws. Ensure screws are protruding from the wall by 3mm to allow alarm to slot onto screws.

To place on a shelf:

The base of the alarm has been designed to allow it to stand freely on a shelf.

WARNING: When placing on a shelf, please adhere to the same positional
recommendations as described above. Ensure the alarm is at the recommended height.


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