Fire Safety, Maintenance

Push Fit Mains 9V Hardware Installation

    1. Switch off electricity supply. Ensure a permanent connection to the house wiring is made in a suitable junction box.
    2. Using a screwdriver, gently open the 3 clips on the base to remove the base plate.
      Fit the base to ceiling using the screws provided. Feed the wiring through the hole in the base plate or via YT2 trunking knock-outs at the side.
    3. Connect the wiring to the connector terminals.
      Ensure that the house wiring ‘Earth’ is only terminated in the terminal marked as indicated.
    4. Unwrap battery. Insert battery into battery compartment (match ‘+’ to ‘+’). Press and hold the test button for 5 seconds. The alarm will sound.

IMPORTANT: Align arrows on the side of the alarm and the side of the base. Gently push alarm onto base.