Fire Safety

Quiet testing made ssssssh…imple

With a quiet self-test, there’s no need to wake up loved ones or disturb the neighbours when testing your alarms.

Testing your smoke alarms does not have to involve covering your ears or startling others, with our quiet self-test function. It’s just one of the key features from our new range of smoke and heat alarms, available from April 2022.

To activate a quiet self-test, press the large testing button once to hear a quiet alarm at least 10dB below the full alarm volume.

When pressed, the button will initiate the testing sequence within the alarm. You’ll hear two quiet sequences of three beeps, and an LED on the unit will flash, which shows you that everything is working within the alarm.

quiet self test function

If you’re worried this alarm won’t wake you up if it sounds at night, don’t be. We’ve specifically designed a quiet self-test to enable easy, less disruptive testing of all your alarms to ensure they are in working order without disturbing others.

To test the alarm at full volume and to hear the level it will sound at when detecting a fire in your home, double press the large button on your alarm. You will then hear two loud sequences of three beeps with a flashing LED to show that everything is working with the alarm.

Whether you perform a quiet self-test or a full volume test of your alarms, it’s no longer a task that requires a step ladder with our large central push button which you can press from the floor below using a sweeping brush. We recommend you test your alarms on a weekly basis, including any carbon monoxide alarms in your home as well.

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Where will I find the ‘quiet self-test’ function?

The quiet self-test function features on the below alarms from our new range:

quiet self test function

You will be able to find our new range of smoke and heat alarms in your local DIY stores such as B&Q, Screwfix, Homebase and online at Amazon and Safelincs.

Find out more about our new range of smoke and heat alarms today and ensure you and your family are protected. Or why not discover FireAngel Thermoptek technology, for the fastest response to all fire types.