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FireAngel reflect on Prevention & Protection Conference 2021

Join us as we recap the key moments and themes of this year’s NFCC conference, held on 2-3 September 2021.

FireAngel were delighted to sponsor the NFCC’s Annual Prevention and Protection Conference 2021, held as a hybrid event at both the Chesford Grange Hotel and online.

The day began with a delicious lunch and networking, providing the opportunity for delegates to catch up with everyone face to face after nearly 18-months since the last fire industry event.

NFCC prevention and protection conference 2021

Day 1 discussions: Person-centric prevention and protection

The conference opened with Neil Odin, Chair of the NFCC Prevention Committee, who introduced future prevention work, with Gavin Tomlinson, Chair of NFCC Protection and Business Safety Committee, presenting on protection and Mark Hardingham, NFCC Chair, giving an overview of NFCC and a look forward on the future of fire, including reform.

The key theme of all discussions was a focus on prevention and protection, and how this is influencing all departments in the fire industry. NFCC’s Protection, Policy & Reform Unit (PPRU) updated delegates on the wide-range of work underway, covering the Building Risk Review, the Fire Safety Act, Grenfell Tower Inquiry and modern methods of construction.

Home Safety Committee lead Rick Hylton and Ged Deveraux, NFCC Health, gave an overview of the person-centred approach which will provide consistency to prevention activities, along with future data to measure the impact of interventions. While Hala Almousawi, NFCC Community Risk Programme, covered the research the Programme had undertaken to determine the definition of risk in fire safety.

Day 2 discussions: Connected communities and adopting a data driven approach

NFCC prevention and protection conference 2021

The second day of the conference gave Zoe Wilkinson, Home Office, the opportunity to virtually provide an overview on the future policy and legislation on fire safety, before members of the PPRU discussed areas of service delivery improvement.

FireAngel’s Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Nick Rutter, discussed the concept of Connected Communities and how adopting a data driven approach can help reduce fire risk amongst communities.

The rest of the afternoon proved a great opportunity to hear more about road safety, educational resources for children and an engaging workshop around Prevention and Protection Fire Standards.

A huge thank you once again to NFCC for organising the conference, we thoroughly enjoyed exhibiting and sponsoring the event. To find out more about NFCC or future events, please visit their website.