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Safe living with FireAngel: Our Family Reviews new CO alarm

Our Family reviews FireAngel's FA3820 CO alarm

Our Family Reviews is a trusted review website founded by David and Louise, based in Manchester who write reviews of all kinds of products that they’ve been sent to road test, they kindly reviewed FireAngel’s FA3820 CO alarm.  

Guest review written by OurFamilyReviews  

When we think of home security most of us will automatically start thinking of burglar alarms, better window and door locks, security cameras, etc., pretty much anything that secures our homes to keep thieves and intruders out. But home security is so much more than that. Yes, there are a plethora of products to keep your home and belongings secure from theft, but home security also involves protecting your home and the people within it in the event of a fire with smoke alarms and also from the silent killer carbon monoxide (CO). 

FireAngel are a well-known and respected brand of fire safety products for the home with smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and heat alarms. We were sent their FA3820 Carbon Monoxide Alarm to test out and review. 

What we like about it 

The FireAngel FA3820 Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a small device with early detection and protection against carbon monoxide in the home. It is a sealed unit (you cannot replace the battery) powered by a 10-year sealed lithium battery and is certified for use in your home or whilst travelling. 

Overall, the FireAngel FA3820 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm is a fantastic small and unobtrusive potentially life-saving battery-powered device – every home should have one. It is extremely easy to activate and install, and is extremely loud at 85dB when activated, giving clear warning of a problem (it will also flash red, so you are visually aware as well). The early warning system is great for detecting issues before they become a very big problem. And the lower volume for testing purposes is brilliant (it is very loud at full volume). 

Easy installation 

Once installed, you can mostly forget about it – the only maintenance needed is to test the alarm once a month to make sure it is still working (testing couldn’t be easier, just press the test button) and give it a quick vacuum every 3 months to remove any build-up of dust. You can’t clean it using any cleaners or solvents and never paint or cover it. 

With a retail price of around £30, it is excellent value, with a 10-year battery it works out at just £3 per year (25p per month) – that is nothing to be able to protect your family from a silent, dangerous and potentially deadly gas. 

The FireAngel FA3820 Carbon Monoxide alarm is an excellent quality CO alarm with intelligent sensing technology that results in audio and visual warnings to help protect you, your family, and your home from a silent killer. It is so easy to use and maintain and is an easy way to help protect yourself and your family from something you can’t see or smell, something that can have horrible consequences. 

FA3820 alarm features 

The FA3820 CO alarm has a range of different features to help detect carbon monoxide and make sure you are protected from the silent killer.  

With a 10-year sealed-for-life battery, the latest sensing technology, and BSI kitemark approval the FA320 model is the way to go. On top of this, intelligent CO sensing technology enables the alarm’s sensitivity mode to be activated, predicting CO levels to increase to or above 180ppm.  

For that extra peace of mind, there is also an alarm memory function with a red LED flash alerting the user that there has been a previous CO alarm activation within the last 30 days.  

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