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Secure living with FireAngel: Savage Reviews new CO alarm

David from Savage Reviews takes a look at FireAngel's FA3820 CO alarm

Savage Reviews, set up by tech enthusiast David Savage, regularly reviews an array of different products in this market. Here, David kindly shares his thoughts and insights on FireAngel’s new FA3820 CO alarm.

Guest review written by Savage Reviews

FireAngel are experts in smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and heat alarms. Excited by the prospect, I opted to fit their FA3820 Carbon Monoxide Alarm in my kitchen space.

What we like about it

Whilst it does what every other CO alarm does and detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide within the home and sounds an alarm, it has an excellent feature that most other alarms don’t have – using the latest sensor technology it features an early warning indicator, a pre-alarm warning which encourages ventilation of your property when low levels of carbon monoxide are detected.

With a retail price of under £30, it is excellent value. As it has a 10-year battery it works out at just £3 per year or 25p per month. That is nothing to be able to protect your family from a silent, dangerous, and potentially deadly gas.

Easy installation

Extremely easy to activate and install, it is extremely loud at 85dB when triggered, giving anybody within the home a clear warning of a problem (it will also flash red, so you are visually aware as well). The early warning system is great for detecting issues, allowing you to rectify them before they become a very big problem. And I love the lower volume for testing purposes as it is very loud at full volume.

Once installed, all you need to do to maintain it is to give it a quick test once a month. Testing couldn’t be easier; you just need to press the test button.

FA3820 alarm features

FireAngel FA3820 Carbon Monoxide alarm is an excellent qual technology that results in audio and visual warnings to help protect you, your family, and your home from a silent killer. The build quality is excellent, the alarm is very loud and the very visual flashing LED notifications are very noticeable. It also has BSI Kitemark approval so has been tested by independent experts as well, so I am extremely confident that it will detect CO levels in the event of a faulty appliance.

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