CO Advice

Performing a Sense-CO test

How to activate the Sense CO feature on a FireAngel carbon monoxide (CO) alarm using test CO gas.

Pressing the test button on your carbon monoxide (CO) alarm will fully test all aspects of the circuit that are core to the alarm function.

However, additional but not essential testing may be conducted using the Sense CO test mode and test CO gas.

To ensure your alarm is tested correctly using low concentrations of test CO gas, please follow these instructions.

1.To activate Sense CO testing, triple press your alarm test button. Please note the request to enter Sense CO mode will timeout after two minutes if no further action is taken.

2.Once Sense CO is activated, the CO acquisition task is performed constantly. The yellow ‘ventilate’ LED light will flash once per second and the unit will provide indications if the CO level is >30ppm during the following two minutes.

3.If levels of CO are detected, the alarm will sound four loud beeps, with a five second gap between each beep, before another four loud beeps.


As caravans have an increased risk of carbon monoxide ingress through air vents due to the nearby presence of other vehicles, engines, generators or barbecues, this method of testing is highly recommended for the industry.

Please do not use any other test method than what is detailed in the product manual or tamper with the alarm, as this could cause electric shock or malfunction.

CAUTION: Sensor testing should only be performed by a responsible adult. This test should only be performed annually.