Fire Safety

Set the standard for protection and compliance with FireAngel Connected

Discover the benefits of our IoT resident protection solution, FireAngel Connected.

We take a closer look at how you can monitor and mitigate the fire risk of your entire property portfolio with our secure IoT-powered solution, FireAngel Connected.

Eliminating the requirement to gain physical access to a property, FireAngel Connected utilises advanced technology to obtain critical information regarding each individual’s home environment.

This is achieved by installing our high performance Specification Range of mains-powered and battery powered smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, which achieves compliance with BS 5839-6 Standards and the updated Scottish Tolerable Standard and supports latest recommendations in the Building Safety Act 2022 and the Fire Safety Act 2021.

Achieve remote monitoring of every alarm across an entire housing stock via the Home Environment Gateway, designed for social housing properties, including real time status updates and viewing instant diagnostic reports.

Agile adaptability

 mitigate fire risk property portfolio

This essential data can be accessed via the FireAngel Connected Dashboard or integrated into existing asset management systems to monitor when devices are active, removed or require maintenance.

This removes the requirement for manual data trawls by automating the collection of data from every device into a centralised hub. Featuring open protocols and smart infrastructures, FireAngel Connected also successfully futureproofs properties by creating an IoT network that can be continuously expanded and upgraded to connect with additional third party devices, when required.

Working within the parameters of existing budgets, the adaptability of FireAngel Connected also enables you to achieve the highest level of protection with efficient running costs.

Intelligent insight

Take protection further with our unique AI powered risk tool, FireAngel Predict®, which provides a real time risk level of each individual property. Featuring a unique algorithm, Predict® is a step-change in the fire industry that protects residents, properties and communities from preventable fire risks using unrivalled insight.

This supports prioritised interventions and increased fire prevention mentions by monitoring data over time to highlight trends of high risk behaviour. Find out more in our video.

Technology in practice

 mitigate fire risk property portfolio

FireAngel Connected enables you to efficiently and intelligently achieve full traceability and compliance management by taking a proactive approach to assessing risk, whilst engaging with tenants to ensure they are, and feel, safe.

To help you achieve a seamless, secure IoT integration for your housing portfolio, speak to a member of our expert today.