Interlink Technology


Smart RF Interlink Technology

Create a safety network of up to 50 wireless devices with our Smart RF modular alarm system.

We’ve modernised the functionality of our range of Specification products to meet the demands of today’s Connected Home market. FireAngel Specification revolutionises the future of fire safety by offering smart protection against Fire and CO in a single cost-effective system. 

Effortlessly create a wireless safety network in seconds - Clever not complicated

By fitting a Smart RF module to any 'Smart RF Ready' product to create a wireless network of up to 50 devices. Each interlinked alarm communicates continuously across the meshed network to monitor for fire or carbon monoxide (CO). When smoke, heat or CO is detected, the Smart RF module signals all connected alarms to create a fast response alert throughout the property. 


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Save moneyCost-effective Adaptability

Futureproof installations, whilst continuing to provide properties with maximum fire and carbon monoxide protection. Smart RF products are easy to adapt to enable enhanced fire and carbon monoxide safety.


Easy installation
Easy Installation

No need for additional wiring, mess or fuss. Smart RF products are quick to install with a simple 2-step connection ensuring greater productivity and saving time.

Mixed System Flexibility

The Smart RF Module works with our ‘Specification’ and ‘Smart RF Ready’ mains and battery product range. For increased safety you can create a hybrid system of mains and battery products. Extend your network without the fuss!


Wirelessly Interlink

Effortlessy link up to 50 devices to ensure a faster reaction throughout the property. Locate any activated alarm by using the FireAngel Connect app or manually pressing the Test / Silence button on any alarm – only the initial alarm will continue to sound.

Contact your local Specification Manager to find out more!

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Smart-RF black logoProduct Range: 

Our latest Smart RF technology features within a variety of our mains and battery products. Whether you require hardwired, battery or wireless products, we offer a solution to suit each and every installation.


The Smart RF product range includes:

Smoke Alarms:

Heat Alarms:

Carbon Monoxide Alarm:

Assisted Living Solutions:


Smart RF technology also works with FireAngel Connect and FireAngel Predict - ask your local Specification Manager to find out how you can intelligently monitor and manage alarms wherever you are!


How to Learn-in

Install Alarm 1 as described in the product manual (see 'Hardwire Installation'). Install the base plate for Alarm 2 in one of the recommended locations.

1. Using a ballpoint pen briefly push and release the 'learn button' on the back of Alarm 2. The red LED next to the learn button will flash briefly then light up for approximately 5 seconds.

2. During these 5 seconds you need to briefly press the test button on Alarm 1 to wirelessly interlink the two alarms. Alarm 1 will give an audible sound consisting of two cycles of three loud beeps.

3. The red LED on the wireless module of Alarm 2 will flash to indicate that it has been ‘learned-in’ successfully. If the test button is not pressed quickly enough, the ‘learn-in’ process will fail. If this happens, repeat the process.

To complete the installation, fit Alarm 2 onto its base plate. Additional alarms should be ‘learned-in’ in the same way. When ‘learning-in’ additional alarms, any alarm already in the network, can be used as ‘Alarm 1’. You do not have to ‘learn-in’ to every alarm in the network.