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Spotlight on…Pro Connected

Experience smart protection for your home with FireAngel’s Pro Connected alarm range, the highest level of fire and carbon monoxide safety.

With multiple network options, modern designs and the option of an app to control your alarms remotely, FireAngel’s Pro Connected range offers you a ‘smarter’ way to stay safe at home.

With Pro Connected, you can easily connect up to 50 devices with our simple ‘learn-in’ process, including smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms.

The range is compliant with laws in England and Wales, and with the updated Scottish fire and CO legislation – with easy retrofit installation ensured.

When one sounds, they all sound

With Pro Connected, you can interlink alarms at the touch of a button.

Although the alarms will perform flawlessly as standalone products, when wirelessly interconnected, they will raise the alarm to danger in unison.

This means if a fire starts in a remote area such as your garage, you will be alerted instantly across the home. And with our ‘Smart Silence’ feature, all alarms can be silenced except the initial unit that reacted to danger, giving you essential time to take action.

Once wirelessly interlinked, alarms can be easily mounted with baseplates that will replace many alarms on the UK market, covering existing screw holes without the need to redecorate. Each alarm also includes clear manuals, with links to videos to support interlinking your alarms.

Experience peace of mind with the Pro Connected app

FireAngel Pro Connected

Experience complete control and peace of mind protection from your mobile with the Pro Connected app. Use the app to test and silence alarms without having to reach a ceiling mounted test button.

With unlimited property allocations, you can set up an alarm network in the homes of your parents, a vulnerable family member, your child’s university accommodation or in your holiday home and receive notifications for all of them.

Name all alarms to correspond with the room in which they are fitted, such as ‘lounge’ or ‘kitchen’, when setting up your gateway to identify which alarm has been triggered by the name you have given it.

Please note, an internet connection is required for the push notifications, but if this is reduced all alarms will remain active within the home, giving you complete protection.

Discover the latest fire safety technology

Each alarm in the FireAngel Pro Connected smart safety range features advanced technology, including Thermoptek and Thermistek to provide a rapid response to fire. Throughout the day, each smoke and heat alarm will check its operation and environment more than 8,500 times. CO alarms will also check their operation and environment 1,500 times a day.

Found within our Pro Connected app is FireAngel Predict®, a unique algorithm with patented application, that uses real-time data to assess the risk of a future fire event. Predict® gives potential fire risk level for the homes you list – invaluable for those caring for vulnerable family members.

Pro Connected FAQs

FireAngel Pro Connected

Can I log into the app on more than one device?

Yes you can log in to the FireAngel Connected app on your phone, tablet and any other device that’s able to support the app. You can also set up multiple properties in the app – this could be for the alarm network at the home of your elderly parents, a person who you care for, your child’s university accommodation or your holiday home. You could even give your neighbours access to the alerts while you’re on holiday.

Can I link Pro Connected alarms with the Samsung SmartThings ?

Unfortunately the Pro Connected alarms cannot be added to a SmartThings network. They can however be linked with Alexa if required, with the link to the skill found here.

Can I still use the wireless interlink function on the Pro Connected alarms without a Gateway?

Yes – the wireless interlink function still allows the alarms to connect and communicate (and protect your home!) – however, you won’t be able to use the FireAngel Connected app without the Gateway installed.

Keep your home and family protected

For a rapid response to fire and peace of mind when away, choose FireAngel Pro Connected.