Fire Safety

Supporting European Fire Safety Week 2023

We’re proud to support European Fire Safety Week, held November 13-17th, to raise awareness on the challenges in the field across Europe.

This year is the fifth edition of the event, organised by the European Fire Safety Alliance with support from FireAngel, which brings together leading experts and decision-makers to discuss challenges around fire safety being faced across Europe.

The theme of this event has always centred around fire safety with the shared goal of enhancing fire safety across the EU and bringing together leading experts and decision-makers to discuss challenges in this area.

European Fire Safety Week activities

This year’s campaign focus will be on electrical safety with electrification technologies such as heat pumps, photovoltaic panels and charging points for electric vehicles seeing massive deployment in buildings. Throughout the week, held 13th – 17th November, there are multiple webinars, workshops and live events to take part in.

Each day offers unique insight and the opportunity to hear from experts working in the fire safety field. The programme has a wide selection of different topics to dive into, including sessions looking at fire safety, electrical safety, key policy decisions, vulnerable communities and ending in European Smoke Alarm Day on the 17th November.

European Smoke Alarm Day

Friday 17th November is European Smoke Alarm Day 2023, putting smoke alarm ownership across the EU in the spotlight. This is the second official European Smoke Alarm Day campaign, launched by the European Fire Safety Alliance and the Federation of European Fire Officers (FEU), to increase awareness of the need for EU citizens to install smoke alarms in their homes and help reduce fire deaths all over Europe.

Approximately 5,000 people die from fire in Europe annually and the rate of fire deaths is 5 times higher in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe. Most of these deaths occur in domestic properties, however this figure could be reduced if more people had working smoke alarms installed in their homes. In many countries in Europe there is a legal obligation on homeowners to install smoke alarms, yet in other EU countries there is no requirement to do so.

For more detailed information, you can view the interactive map on the campaign website. To get involved with this campaign you can use the hashtag #smokealarmssavelives