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With Sync-It™ (NFC technology), data extraction from a device is made quick, quiet and contactless.

What is Sync-It™ (NFC technology)?

Sync-It™ (NFC technology) enables devices such as FireAngel’s FA3328 to communicate with mobile devices.

NFC stands for near‑field communication and it is a short‑range wireless technology. With Sync‑It™ NFC technology, you can easily transfer information between devices through wireless communication.

How do I use Sync-It™ to extract data from a device? 

Using the FireAngel Installer mobile app, hold your phone against the NFC device, move phone until it vibrates and hold still for 5 seconds until test is complete. Please do not move your phone once connected and until test is complete. If moved too soon, connection will be lost and you may need to repeat the process again. For further information on understand how to use Sync-It™ technology, read more here.

What data can I extract from the FA3328?

There are three types of reports available: Full Maintenance & Compliance Report, Quick Report or Product Test.

The Full Maintenance & Compliance Report includes full check up of CO alarm with diagnostics, sound and LED check, taking approximately 2-3 minutes to complete, and data extracted can also be downloaded as a PDF report or shared by email. The Quick Report with diagnostics information takes seconds to complete and data extracted can be downloaded as a PDF report to give to compliance or maintenance teams. The Product Test is an in‑app test and is completed within approximately 15 seconds.

Discover further information on the types of data you can extract in these reports with our detailed breakdown.

Access Sync-It™ (NFC technology) with the FireAngel Installer App

The FireAngel Installer app is available to download on Google Play for Android phones or download via iOS App Store on iPhones.

For further information, please get in touch with our Customer Support team or contact your local Specification Manager for more details.