Smart Home

Protecting our family and home with FireAngel

With two children under two, Kelsey from The Ryan Family discusses just a few of the benefits she’s been enjoying since installing the Pro Connected smart alarm range.

Guest blog written by Kelsey, @TheRyanFamily_  

With two young children in our house, safety is never far from our minds. From keeping small hands out of drawers and cupboards, to making sure the bath is not too full, it is a full-time job protecting our babies from danger! Now, with the FireAngel Pro Connected Smart Alarm System, handily connected to a smartphone via the FireAngel app, we can protect our home against fires and carbon monoxide leaks.

Our home was previously fitted with a series of alarms that not only looked outdated but decided to sound every time you would burn toast. So, upgrading our fire alarm system was top of our priority list!

the ryan family

The FireAngel system wirelessly interlinks all of the alarms, so if an alert goes off in one room, all alarms in our system will sound. So, if you are upstairs, out of the room, or in the garden, you are still bound to hear the alarm. We feel especially safe with the CO alarm, which contains one of the most advanced sensors to warn us if dangerous levels are met. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that can’t be smelt, tasted or seen and is known as the silent killer. It’s particularly dangerous for children, and FireAngel provides us with peace of mind that our home and kids are safe.

Another feature we love is the FireAngel app – we can monitor any alerts or faults on the go, which is extremely helpful when we are out and about exploring! We can take immediate action when the system detects something amiss, giving us peace of mind that our home is safe from potential emergencies.

The different variety of alarms within the Pro Connected range mean you can build any kind of system that suits your own personal needs and the layout of your home. We’ve found that having the recommended heat alarm in the kitchen, rather than the smoke alarm we had installed previously, means it doesn’t go off every time you burn a slice of toast!

By far our favourite feature is being able to “test” our alarms via the app – silently. No more accidently waking little ones during their afternoon naps!

The battery powered system was super easy to install. Once you have set up one alarm you can simple use the “learn in” button to connect other devices to the system, allowing you to keep adding other alarms as and when you need to. Not only are they practical, but all the alarms have been designed to look modern and stylish, which will complement any interior.

the ryan family

The FireAngel Pro Connected Smart Alarm Range has been a great addition for our family, offering us peace of mind that the kids are protected, and helping us on our move towards making our house a ‘smart home’.

Find out more about the FireAngel Pro Connected smart alarm range or check out The Ryan Family’s Instagram.