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Thermistek Heat Sensing Technology

Whilst BS 5839-6: 2019 (also known as BS 5839 Pt.6) recommends the installation of multi-sensor smoke alarm technology throughout the home, only heat and CO alarms are suitable for installation in a kitchen.

Given over 60% of domestic fires start in the kitchen, it is paramount that your heat alarm has the latest cutting edge technology to quickly detect the presence of fire. With this in mind, FireAngel would recommend installing a heat alarm with intelligent Thermistek technology.

How FireAngel Thermistek technology works:

    • The heat alarm has a unique radiant heat dish which reflects directional heat from the fire onto the thermistor allowing a faster reaction to fire than conventional heat alarms.
    • It also constantly monitors for temperature change using a predictive algorithm.
  • If the temperature is rising at a dangerous rate the alarm is primed for activation providing a quicker reaction to fires.

Positioning: Thermistek heat alarms are recommended for placing directly in kitchens as they won’t nuisance alarm from cooking fumes and in unconverted loft spaces or garages where there may be high levels of fumes or dust.